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  1. I Need Mountain Lion LVDS Connector Instructions

    Ok so I got ati-personality.pl to work. The file that I got outputed does not resembler the ones I've seen in the verious Lion examples. I've attached it, can someone take a look? ATI2400Controller.txt
  2. I'm trying to make the necessary kext edits to enable my lvds connector for my HP DV7-4XXX. It has a HD5650m HDMI and VGA work but back light only on the internal monitor. I have little to no experience this kexts or hex editing. Tried to follow this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=249642 but got stuck at the ATI-personality.pl section because it appears to search for a kext "ATI2400" that does not exist on my system and errors out. Can someone help me out to get a connetor personality list for mountain lion 10.8 so I can start trying to edit my kexts. Or if your feeling especially awesome do it for me, I've attached my gpu's connctor info and my ATI5000.kext.... Thanks Archive.zip