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  1. Whats a good sized partition

    I still dont get how Mac users can do serious video capture? I used to do some video capture, I would capture to single avi in excess of 4gigs. Maybe up to 2 hours in one raw AVI file.
  2. Whats a good sized partition

    Thanks for imput everyone. You see the reason I want to have 3 partitions is for file storage. See.... if anything goes wrong on partition for OSX or Partition for WIndow, I can simply format and start again on them. If all my user files and downloads, videos, photos etc are on a separate partition from the OS's I wont have to back up everything before formatting and reinstallting an OS. But I hear that you cannot have a 3rd partition, well using Boot Camp anyone?
  3. Whats a good sized partition

    Okay... Different story now.. Ive decided to buy a Macbook with 80gb HDD. I want to be able to Dual Boot WIndows or perhaps run through VMWare. If VMWare, will Windows run installe from the Mac's FAT32 partition or does it still need its own partion? Would this be ideal: 20gb Mac OS and Apps 20gb WIndows OS and Apps 40gb For storage but in FAT32, hence both OSs can read and write to it. Would this work?
  4. Whats a good sized partition

    Hmm, how does Mac handle video editiong? Dont alot of people capture video to mac? If it uses NTFS how does it handle large files? Eg i capture video to PC at almost 1 gig / 20 mins. SO oi oculdnt capture more tahn 80 mins on FAT32?
  5. Whats a good sized partition

    So 10 gig should be plenty for the OS and swap file? If FAT32 is limited to 4gb, how do you RIP a DVD etc on Mac OSx?
  6. Whats a good sized partition

    Damn... so how much spare hdd space would be 'safe' on the OSX partition? Say 5 gig? for swap disk etc? Do MacOS's even use swap disk? I guess I could convert my NTFS partition to FAT32 Hmmm. IS there any down site to running FAT32 instead of NTFS esp on WIndows?
  7. What is QE and CI?

    thanks for clearing that up:)
  8. What is QE and CI?

    OMG... poor quality movies? and flash movies? I guess that dedeats the purpose of installing it in the first place? How bad quality is it?
  9. Hi all I was wondering whats a good sized partition to create for OSX Os and all applications? I know 6 gig is the recommended minimum? Ive only got a 60 gig hdd and I want to maintain 30 gig for videos and dloads, so that leaves 30 gig for windows, osx split. What do you think? 20gig windows xp os and apps 10 gig MacOsx and apps? or 50/50 split ?
  10. Wireless PCMCIA working on Vaio V505

    Does anyone know if the Netgear MA521 PCMCIA 802.11b card will work with this?
  11. What is QE and CI?

    thanks for that. So if QE and CI dont work on PCs with osx installed, would the whole mac experience be severly hampered? Eg that cool minimize effect where the window looks like its sucked down
  12. What is QE and CI?

    Hi all Ive ben trying to work out what QE and CI are? Can't find any info in th glosary of FAQ. Can anyone tell me what these terms mean and why they are important?
  13. What network cards work?

    Can anyone confirm whether th NETGEAR MA521 PCMCIA card will work with OSx on x86 machine?
  14. Ive actually thought about that.. Putting the laptop hdd in a desktop and installing that way. Ive tried that method installing Windows but does seem to like it when I boot up Windows back in the Laptop, probably because of differences in hardware. Think installing OSX Tiger will suffer from the same problem?
  15. Hi all Im a newvie to all this OsX on Pc biz, I'm basically trying to install Tiger on my Sony VAIO v505 laptop. Trick is ... I dont have a DVD drive on it. Its broken and to get it replaced will require too much money and time. The BIOS on my laptop does not support booting off any USB devices either so an external DVD drive wont do any good. Anyhow.. I was wondering is there a way to install from the Generic Install DVD without having a DVD drive to boot from? Are there any special virtual boot apps that could do th trick and allow me to boot from a hard drive copy ? I dont think I fully understnad how to install from deadmoo..seems too complex Also are there any solutions to using the FN key to change volue and monitor birhgtness within OsX yet? thanks