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  1. So, so, so many thanks for this app and guide! I tried before a modified iso that is supposed to work on any processor but it has a lot of problems with versioning since it has a hacked kernel, this workaround of yours its simple perfect. Thanks!
  2. rojovelasco

    Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Its possible to use this on an Atom computer somehow? Thanks!
  3. I think that could be a Kernel issue. I have downloaded the OSx86 Tool. Can I somehow restore the original kernel of the stock Lion distribution?
  4. Hi, First, sorry for my English but I try to explain myself the best I can. I have upgraded Mac Mini 1,2 with a 2GHz C2D. Since I cannot install Lion from the App Store, i download a modified version that by pass the model check on the install. This works fine until i try to upgrade the system to 10.7.1. The upgrade doesn't appear on Apple Upgrade Tool, so I tried to download the upgrade file but the installation gives me a error: "There is a problem with the Javascript evaluation of the package" (Or something like this, my error message is in spasnish, sorry :S). Any of you have an idea of what happening here and how to solve it? Thanks very much in advance and sorry for my poor explanation again.