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  1. And I thought I had tried that!! I read your post and thought, f^&k it, I'll try it again and only removed the Wifi card - no crashes. I have yet to try ethernet, perhaps it may come back but I'm really hoping it doesnt. My wifi card is a TL-WN951N - has anyone got one of these working? If not, can you suggest a wifi card that just works OOTB? Thank you so much Styrian
  2. Well, it's not the RAM - I went to the shop and bought 2 sticks of corsair - same deal. Before I try to return the motherboard is there anything you guys can recommend I try to fix it?
  3. My system: Z87M-D3H (Bios F8) Intel 4770k Geforce 8800 ultra 16mb RAM (G.Skill ripjaw) Sandisk Extreme II 120gb SSD TP Link wifi card I have successfully installed Mavericks on it although it did randomly freeze a few times on OS setup, it took me about 5 tries until I finally completed it - that can't be good right? Used these bios settings: 1. To access UEFI Setup, press and hold Delete on a USB Keyboard while the system is booting up 2. Set to Optimized Defaults. 3. Set X.M.P. Memory Profile to Profile1 4. Set XHCI Mode to Auto not Smart Auto 5. Set XHCI Hand-off to Enabled 6. Set EHCI Hand-off to Enabled 8. Set Intel Processor Graphics to Disabled 9. Set SATA Mode Selection to AHCI 10. Set PCIe Slot Configuration Gen3 11. Disabled onboard graphics 12. Turned off anything that wasnt being used I then installed Mavericks. Installed 4 kexts as per another thead on this forum and chimera. I just get random freezes. They happen if I open Safari or open maps pretty much immediately. The system won't run for longer than 4-5 mins and then the mouse just stops working. I can't see anything in console that seems to indicate a problem... I have tried: Installing NullCPU Different hard drive Onboard graphics and removing the 8800 removing the TPlink wifi card Disabling onboard audio increasing memory voltage to 1.6 (also tried 1.7) installing via myhack and removing the recommended kexts installing via tonywhatever + multiwhatever (dont hate me, I'll try anything) installing a DSDT from a thread on this forum The only thing I havent tried is replacing the RAM and replacing the motherboard. I will hopefully get a couple of RAM sticks from a friend to try tonight but if there's anything you guys can think to try I am all ears and would greatly appreciate it. It's been a week of pure frustration. I think the main reason it's so frustrating is seeing all of the successful builds with the same hardware I have! Thanks!
  4. can anyone point me in the right direction at least? Something? Man I really don't want to reinstall from scratch!
  5. Ok so I managed to finally install SL retail on my PC which is as follows: Asus p5k deluxe Nvidia 8800 ultra 4gb RAM 2 x 10k Raptors (configured software raid when I installed) 500gb Seagate drive Installing various kexts and everything to get the hardware working and up to scratch. I download (karma or what) a beta version of Fusion 3 because I could not get parallels to work on it at all (there's a few windows programs that i need for work). The install went absolutely fine with VMware, rebooted and I get this: ebios read error: device timeout block 0x87f948 Sectors 0 THis repeats about 5-6 times and then I get "error parsing plist file" and goes back another 4-5times. After that I get the chameleon loader. Then I get the exact same behaviour as above with the ebios {censored}e. After that it looks like it's about to boot up like normal but stops eventually and gives me that "Waiting for root device" error. Any ideas? I really really really don't want to start from scratch again.... Adv(thanks)ance