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  1. jorfan

    Mercurysquad Voodoo3945 Troubleshoot

    can someone please post or provide a link to download the latest IO80211 Family kext ?? cause i get freezes and kernel panics too !! thank you!
  2. jorfan

    Webcam Acer Orbicam 1.3 Mega pixel

    acer aspire 9424 (9420 seriers) with Logitec Orbicam 1.3 megapixel. the camera regconized but when i press the play to see the camera it says communication error i think or something like that. i tried msn, skype, yahoo but no luck ! so no working yet for Acer 9424 to saaad !!
  3. jorfan

    10.6 on Acer 9420?

    i have the same specifications on an acer 9424 aspire laptop. I would like to know if i can install too ! thanks