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  1. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    my card is GTX590 can u guide me how to add device id " 0x108810de&0xffe0ffff " <---- Is that right?
  2. can u guide me step by step how to make GTX590 working? I don't know how to modify Device ID 1088 in NVDAGF100Hal.kext
  3. GTX590 needs help

    Can anybody help me to install GTX590? Thank u very much
  4. Hi Mrjanek Can I use Katewalk with the intel latest CPU i7-980x? My motherboard is GA-X58A-UD3R
  5. Hi,mrjanek Thanks for ur guide I have a question about dual boot I have 2 drives One for 10.6SL Another for win7 I can select boot which system with ur boot CD But I can not select with ur boot USB Is there possible to make ur boot CD to USB Sorry, my english is not good Hope you can give me a help Thanks again
  6. wonderful tweak41 successfully upgrade to 10.6.2 as your guide million thanks
  7. my pc is i7 920 /p6t se /9800T /SL10.6.1 the bootloader is on the HD i failed to update 10.6.2 can u teach me step by step? sorry my english is not good
  8. How to Remove SleepEnabler.kext? Can you teach me? Thank u! Yes I'm waiting too
  9. helpppppp!! crashed after upgrade to 10.6.2 error message on black screen
  10. bravo !! bonjour works !! thank u and tweak very very much !!
  11. hi tweak thanks for your guide and flies i'm sucessful to install 10.6 ererything OK but only one problem "bonjour network not working" i can't communicate with my mac have any idea to solve? sorry my english is not good hope to get your help thank you