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  1. Gutting an iMac G5

    Thank you. My husband wants to try the "laptop parts" route, since he likes the look of the iMac sitting on the desk. I'm not quite so fussy, but, like I said, I have to yank half of it out soon anyway.
  2. Gutting an iMac G5

    Catzilla: Very interesting! when this thing finally dies and I have to crack it, I will consider that as a starting point. Scottapotamus: I'd get a job, but right now I'm my grandmother's full-time care until she needs an actual nursing home. So leaving the house for extended periods doesn't exactly work right now. Believe me, I'd rather be out and interacting with people who aren't slowly slipping away.
  3. (Long term lurker, joined to ask this question.) Hi, all! I have a 17" iMac G5 that has performed valiantly over the years, but is finally dying. Startup is iffy, with the hard drive sometimes clicking. (Yes, I've backed up the important stuff. ) I will probably also need to replace the power supply soon. Since I have to crack it open and gut half of it anyway, I was also thinking of ditching the old G5 processor/motherboard combo and replacing it with an Intel while I was at it. The question is, what can I get into the case with a reasonable expectation it won't overheat and cook itself? Thanks!