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  1. I got it, found the solution in this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/62111-how-to-asus-p5k-vm-guide/?p=1888180 Installed the NVRAM module and all is working fine now.
  2. Having a problem with my install of the mavericks gm. I'm able to log into, and use, FaceTime, iCloud, etc, without issue, but iMessage gives the error "An error occurred during activation. Try again." whenever I try to log in. I'm running the latest chameleon, and I've made sure the serial number in my smbios is 17 digits. I've made sure ethernet built in is in my boot plist, and then removed all my network interfaces, deleted the network preference file, restarted and re-added ethernet to make sure it is en0. At this point I'm kind of out of ideas/suggestions I've found on the forums here. Anything else I'm missing?
  3. Anyone know if the 1tb partition limit still exists with chameleon? Haven't found anything written recently saying so either way. Either way the limit only applies to the boot partition correct? I could have a second 3 tab drive all one partition if I wanted to?
  4. Just upgraded to 10.8.2. No problems except audio stopped working, easily fixed by replacing AppleHDA.kext.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem as you, but after the system working fine for a few weeks, I've now twice found the system unresponsive when I went to wake it after being away from it for a few hours. I don't let the machine do a full sleep or even turn the hard drive off, just the monitor after 20 minutes. I have to do a hard shut down (hold the power button down for 5 seconds) and restart to get it going again. Did you ever figure out your problem?
  6. Got it up and running on my system, unfortunately I was never able to get Andy's package working, but I just pulled the kexts out of it and I'm in ML and running perfectly, so thank you Andy. I only have one problem, not sure if anyone else has the same. With the system being identified as an iMac in the smbios, it puts the audio circuit to sleep after a couple of minutes if the audio is not being used, which wouldn't be a problem except there's a loud pop when a sound is played and my audio is woken up. Pretty annoying and I had this problem under Lion as well (where I was able to use Andy's package no problem btw, so it's not that). My fix for this was always just to identify the system as a mac pro 3,1 (the newest one that would work, 4,1/5,1 both hang on boot) instead of an iMac. Only problem with that now, Airplay mirroring won't work because of how limited the number of machines it works on. Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent the pop when the system is configured as an iMac?
  7. Just wanted to drop you a big thanks, I'd been trying for quite awhile to get ML installed with no luck, your guide got me up and running.
  8. Still no luck this morning. Tried booting with -x, graphicsenabler=yes and things like that, kept getting stuck at the same spot. Decided to try a different way, booted back into my lion install and extracted the contents of your driver package to another USB stick, and then reinstalled Mountain Lion. Got into the OS, and installed the standalone chameleon package, copied the extra folder over from your driver package and rebooted, got into the OS booting off the hard drive. At this point I started putting a few kexts from your driver package into the extensions folder. Not at my computer right now but I believe they were the AppleIntele1000 kext (that's our ethernet right?), Atyinit and Ati6000 kexts, ran kext utility and rebooted. Now I'm getting stuck at an error reading FakeSMC: key not found BEMB, length - 1
  9. Ok, got the stick bootable and ran the install no problems, booted into ML and ran the driver install package, and now I'm getting stuck here during boot. Any ideas?
  10. No idea what I'm doing wrong, but for the life of me I can't seem to make the USB stick bootable. I follow all the steps (I thought) without a problem, but when I go to boot and pick the USB stick to boot from 1 of 2 things happen, either I get nothing but a black screen with a blinking cursor (happens most of the time) or occasionally I get an error screen with 3 lines talking about drive boot errors (unfortunately didn't write it them down). Tried 3 times, no luck, any ideas where I might be going wrong?
  11. Getting ready to install ML, just a quick question. Is the iTunes crashing issue only something that's effecting 69xx users, or will I have a problem with my 6870 as well?
  12. Sorry bit late to the topic, what issue is there with the 6870?
  13. Anyone updated to 10.7.3 yet? Any problems/special steps needed aside from the usual steps with the audio kexts?
  14. Anyone upgraded to 10.7.2 yet?
  15. Worked perfectly, thanks again Andy