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  1. GMA X4500

    Thanks Tiennecke. I had it going using the 3100FB kext only indeed. I since made lots of progress in the Hackinstosh departement... Including building a professional video/audio workstation (snow leopard on ex58-ud5, 2 nvidia dual head graphic cards + forthcoming declink hd extreme, protools etc....). I'm glad you got a macbook pro, I feel that at least as far as laptop is concerned, nothing beats the real deal !
  2. GMA X4500

    Hello ! I'm new to this forum and relatively (a week) new to hackintosh world. I've tried this patch too and it doesn't work (blue screen). After a lot of reading (and a sleepless night) I've been able to boot back into 10.5.7 but no go as far as 1280x800 resolution. I've tried every tricks listed in this forum including the boot modification ("graphics mode"="1280x800x32@75") etc.. Nothing works. I'm using Chameleon 2rc3 if it's any help. Tienneke has exactly the same machine than I (Toshiba L300- PSLB8E), and was wondering why such differences in results we get ? If somebody has a clue, I'd be extremly thankfull.