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  1. Okay I get about this far. The wireless utility window. Sorry I need to get another picture. Okay but the issue I have is that I can't figure out how to get on the internet. The computer recognizes the wireless netwrok card. The Linksys WMP54G version 1,2,3 doesn't seem to be a version 4, because the signal is being picked up. However, I have a Belkin Wireless G Router. Okay, like I said the signal strenght is being recognized at 100%, however when it comes to encrpytion and hexadecimal and authentication and profile and WEP and the other various other things. I'm completely lost. I'm a noob at Mac OS, so please I would appreciate any and all help. Last night my friend came over and screwed around with it trying to get it to run. He tried the Hexadecimal route I believe. Again I'm not terribly familiar with how to set up the internet set up on Macs. I'm more a plug and play type of person... none of this makes sense to me. Data is being transferred, but very little. I cannot run safari with the set up as is. So I know this a vague question, but can anyone help me? I thought it would be easy and just type in the password but, no, they got it make it very complicated it seems.
  2. Linksys

    Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet is my onboard ethernet...so now what?
  3. Linksys

    Drivers? What do you mean? I have xp drivers already for my Linksys, but my ethernet I'm not too sure about. I can plug my ethernet in and ti works but only on windows. So again i'm a bit confused.
  4. Linksys

    Hey guys, I know this has probably been brought up before. But I'll bring it up again. Okay. I have a gateway (tower (836GM)) computer, I have successfulyl installed Mac OS X 10.4.4 (or 10.4.6 cannot remmeber exactly it's been awhile since I checked) I'll update later, but, I cannot get on the internet, it seems that you guys have mostly laptops to do your interneting, and I suppose the Intel Internal Wireless card is read as airport by the os, but since I have a tower, I have a linksys internet card. specifically, Wireless-G PCI Adapter (WMP54G), but for the life of me I have no idea as how to get the Mac OS to see it as airport or whatever. Do you think you guys can help me? I'd be very appreciative. If you want some specifics. Intel Pentium D 820 1 gig of ram (2x512) 500 gig harddrive (2x250s) sata 250 for xp, 250 for mac os. No raid. Nvidia 7900GT Creative Audigy 2ZS (however I have sigmatel and I need to figure out how to run that as well, because I have no sound and I udnno how to have mac os recognize the sigmatel.) ATI Radeon TV Tuner Linksys wireless card I also have a direct ethernet port on my mobo, but from what I understand is that mac's don't use ethernet ports anymore, so that the issue becomes that, ethernet it not recognized by the os.