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  1. asrock conroe945g-dvi, leo 10.5.1, efi

    Hey Mousse-T, Good news ! Quick question: which dsmos.kext did you use ? The one from pc_efi_v51 ? Thanks, O.
  2. asrock conroe945g-dvi, leo 10.5.1, efi

    Hi, I have that 945G with a ToH 10.5.0 It was an easy and flawless install, but quite disappointing in result: losses in BT keyboard and mouse (still accessible by VNC, though), instability in apps (i.e. Eye TV, Sys Prefs, etc...), graphic artefacts, about this mac recognizes a CoreSolo even if Monitor recognizes a Core2Duo (6300)... Now urgently looking for a 10.5.1 upgrade, maybe it'll help a bit. Or maybe going pc_EFI
  3. Mouse trails in Firefox

    Hi, I have some of that too... O.
  4. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    Hi all, I've been using that MB for quite a few month, basing on all experiences found here, it's just great. Now, I'm trying to recycle an IDE HD, through an Abit IDE/SATA adapter (Abit), as my IDE are already both in use (DVD + 1st IDE HD). But when I connect everything I cannot go through 1st display of the BIOS: the black screen shows detecting everything (ie DVD + 1 SATA HD + 2 IDE HD), but won't go any further. No access to BIOS config or boot.... I've tried all 4 SATA connectors with no success. In this post, it seems fine for everyone, but different MB ? I'm guessing BIOS SATA/IDE settings, but I can't figure how ? Anyone would know ? Thanks a lot, O.