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  1. Hey, I managed to get my hackint0sh to work. There are a couple minor problems with it, mainly because of hardware differences. I'm not sure how to change the (EFI?) settings to be exactly accurate to my video card. (it has more ram than the lifehacker one) I ended up with a GeForce 9800 GT 1024GB. I also couldn't get the network card (encore) to work. I ended up buying a USB->ethernet converter instead, which just works out of the box. But I think there are problems with certain applications, like screen flow. (that require some kind of hardware settings tweak?) So yeah, I need to learn how to actually change the hardware drivers/settings, I can't seem to find a straightforward guide that explains all the steps. (there are guides for individual bits in the process, but its hard to put them all together)
  2. EDIT: Got the install to work by redoing the flash drive part of it in a weird way... I had a disk image of SL already, but to get it to work I had to mount it, create a new image from the mounted image and use the new (2nd) image for the USB restore. The only big difference I noticed was the newer dmg was smaller. (because it was compressed?) Now the only problem I have is that my Encore ENLGA-1320 network card isn't being recognized by SL. :' (
  3. I'm trying this method with very similar hardware... only differences afaik are in RAM brand, GPU RAM amount (1024 instead of 512), and CPU speed (2.8 instead of 3.0) Everything works great up until a couple minutes into the install process when I receive multiple: "Failed to verify BaseSystem.pkg" messages. Installation gives up shortly after. It seems like it -might- be having trouble accessing the hard drive, but the drive seems fine. (I've partitioned it, and erased it with zeroes a few times with no warnings/errors) I feel like I might be missing an obvious step, I'd be grateful to anyone who could point it out.