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  1. FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    It works on 10.5.7??, and you can do the same with 10.5.8?
  2. GeForce FX5200/FX5500 Installer for SSE2 AMD/Intel BETA

    it works with 10.5.7?
  3. I cant Start Mac OS X With a e-GeForce FX5200

    Hi everytime I Install iAtkos v7 on my sistem with a graphic card driver (titan, NVinject....) i reboot and when im trying to boot for first time it doesnt load, i try to boot with the -v and always stop loading when its says "starting" but when i install iAtkos v5i used Titan and everything works fine I even have QE, QGL enabled, if someone ccan help me to install any one of the video drivers and i can boot in "normal" mode with a Video Card Driver? But i cant stay whith iAtkos v5i beacuse i need the 10,5,7 so much thanks to everybody and im sorry for the english Specs: Intel Celeron D 331 2,66 Ghz ECS P4M-800PRO M V2 1 Gb Ram DDR2 Nvidia e-GeForce FX5200 AGP 8X 128MB