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  1. Flash crash

    Since I installed 10.4.8, a lot of Flash/Java based sites (regardless of which browser I use) crash WindowServer (requiring a COMPLETE restart in many cases). There seems to be a problem with the latest version of the Flash plugin. It really pisses me off since I don't want to bother with downgrading Flash.
  2. Leopard won't boot

    Last login: Sat Oct 14 16:14:44 on ttyp1 Welcome to Darwin! caracas:~ mackie$ ls /Volumes/Nomad/Library/Preferences ls -l ls: -l: No such file or directory ls: ls: No such file or directory /Volumes/Nomad/Library/Preferences: SystemConfiguration com.apple.xgrid.agent.plist com.apple.ByteRangeLocking.plist com.apple.xgrid.controller.plist com.apple.dockfixup.plist caracas:~ mackie$
  3. Leopard won't boot

    John, Thanks, but there is no such directory.
  4. Leopard won't boot

    Finally managed to install Leopard. However, it stalls at startup at the gray apple logo. Had a look at it with Verbose mode. It stalls with "Localhost directory service - launchd could not load com.apple.DirectoryService - exiting this instance with error 1102". In Safe Boot mode it gets to the blue screen and stalls there. What should I do?
  5. What is your thoughts about MySpace?

    So true lol...my classmates post pictures of themselves smoking pot and f***ing around... MySpace really is the cesspool of the internet.
  6. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I think this has more to do with the fact that the iMac has a _decent_ hard disk. Laptops on the other hand use incredibly slow hard disks. I mean, even most MBP's have 5400 rpm drives. The other thing is that the GPU on iMacs runs at a faster clock. That said, the MacBook Pro is the better system (not anymore - soon it will get Core 2 Duo though, then it will be equal to the iMac again). The 17" model for instance has a variable speed GPU. And you can always hook up an external Serial ATA-II raid via the ExpressCard slot (lightning fast!) which you can't do on an iMac. Also you can hook up a 30" display...you can't do that with an iMac either.
  7. Make a girl smile

    The freezer trick is NOT a good idea. It causes water residue on the inside of the hard disk.
  8. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I mainly do graphics work, and it would be good to have two computers. For instance, if I accidently drop my laptop (never happened before, but always a possibility :/ ), and I have the iMac/PB setup, I am $600 in the red and have an iMac to work on. If I drop the MBP, I'm $2000 out and have no other system to use. There are lots of other advantages as well.
  9. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Does anyone know what kind of hard disk is in these things? I'm thinking of getting one, but I'd rather not replace the hard disk (added expense, though I could install it without problems). However, if it is a Western Digital model, I *have* to. {censored}tiest brand of hard disk ever. Three of my friends who have iMacs had their WD drive fail on them. BTW...did you guys see that the old 32-bit 20" iMac is selling for around $1100? Great deal. What would be better - a 2 GHz MacBook Pro ($2000), or a 2 GHz 20" iMac CD and a PowerBook G4 (around $2000 together)? I'm thinking the latter.
  10. Robbed

    WTF...? I wouldn't be surprised though. In my town they killed someone to get $50. Life is cheap I guess... And you were VERY lucky.
  11. Computer Names

    G4 tower: Fractaii/Colossus (2 drives) G4/800: Mercury PowerBook: Nomad 20" Cinema Display: Cindy
  12. Death of a President

    Wishing for his death is stupid, as his replacement will likely be worse than him.
  13. Sex before marriage?

    Yeah, I don't watch TV either, and I moved out of the US three years ago. I can't say that the media here (Europe) is much better, but there are some differences.
  14. Sex before marriage?

    But George W. Bush _IS_ a Nazi. The more I hear about the U.S. Government the more similarities I see between it and a fascist goverment. They kill people, for god's sake...they just cover it up so well, with the media on their side, that the majority of American Idiots don't realize it.
  15. Whats your website/forum?

    I've been blogging for http://creativebits.org for about a year now, and I've been running my own blog, http://macintalk.com since January.