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  1. How did you get working backlight brightness control using f11/f12? Installing an application? On the other hand, bad news, I sold (actually swapped it for a 17" Toshiba AMD RM74 laptop) my DV6830 to a friend, so I think won't be trying clover on it anytime soon. She was in a hurry to get a cheap mac and she is ok with the lack of sleep and hdmi. VGA + speakers minijack work great. I installed XBMC 13, and could even play MicroHD 1080p movies with perfect quality on my 50" tv from my Linux home server samba shares using wifi. Geforce 8400M performs really great in dual screen mode, I am impressed. I'll try to see if I can get power management working fine remotely, I left NullCPUPowerManagement.kext installed, and I'd prefer some proper CPU energy saving going on. With clover I got full sleep working perfect, but screen brightness was terrible. With my current chameleon config, screen turns off, but fans and leds stay on. And I can resume from that "sleep" if I press the power button before the speaker (or mute?) volume led gets red. When that led goes red system freezes and you need to press the power for 10-15 seconds to turn the laptop off. Finally why do you suggest Snow Leopard? That is very old. Latest 10.9.2 Mavericks seems to work really well on this laptop, nearly in a Vanilla system, I suggest you to try it in a different hard drive.
  2. Hi ytrox! I tried changing to clover with 10.9.1, I also extracted my SSDT tables from Windows with an old aida version and I managed to get suspend to work ok. But screen brightness was very low and I couldn't fix it. Also, it took ages (3-4min) to boot, so I went back to chameleon. I noticed we don't need npci=0x2000 flag during the boot testing process, now I don't use it anymore. Most things were working with chameleon, but no come back from sleep, boot times were quite high (more than 2 minutes) and I needed to press enter on the white screen after I selected the chameleon "Mavericks" menu entry, in order for the boot process to continue. Maybe a kernel message or a warning, but quite annoying. Then I upgraded to latest 10.9.2. Great improvement! Boot time is way faster, about a minute, and now I don't need that extra Enter press. Screen brightness is ok (though I can't control it with the keyboard shortcuts), the only things not working are suspend, hdmi output and there is a problem with CPU power management. I have installed hwmonitor and fakesmc cpu/gpu/hd sensors and I notice that sometimes the CPU gets stuck at 796mhz, and doesn't scale up again until next reboot. I think this worked ok with clover, with only 2 p-states 2,19ghz and 1,19ghz, I might try clover again later on. So I have installed NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, and everything runs as butter. One more note, with the default chameleon /boot my cpu got detected as 2ghz, so I changed it for a manually compiled one I found somewhere which shows the correct 2,2ghz for my T7500 CPU. Here is a link to a tgz with /boot* /Extra /System/Library/Extensions and /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches It also has the /EFI directory I used for clover, suspend should work with that config. http://solidpc.net/backup_extensions_mavericks-1.9.2.tgz We are closer!!
  3. http://www.solidpc.net/backup_extensions.tgz This is a dump of /boot /Extra and /System/Library/Extensions running very well on my DV6830es on Mavericks 10.9.1. I deleted some extensions that we will not need on this laptop, like ATI and Radeon kexts. I noticed the LCD was not as bright as in windows, and I tried some fixes, but none of them seemed to work. Today, finally it seems to be brighter, I don't know how this got fixed. Everything but sleep works fine. It has your DSDT, I'll try mine this weekend to see if I can get sleep working.
  4. Yes, OpenHaltRestart.kext did it, thanks! Now I can halt and reboot. Everything but sleep seems to work perfect. I have installed hwmonitor and MacBook Pro 3,1 SMBios and speedstep works quite well. I'll see if I can patch my extracted DSDT, so I learn which patches are needed, and I'll also try to use my own SSDT.
  5. I have a DV6730 with Mavericks, and I finally got it to shutdown using a patched DSDT.aml But restart does not work, nor sleep. How did you get sleep working?
  6. This is great! Finally I got my DV6730 shutting down properly on Mavericks! I tried many clover/chameleon combinations, but your DSDT.aml did it!!! Could you post the DSDT.dsl and the patches you applied? Now everything is working perfect (changed wifi for an AR9285, which worked ootb) but: 1- Reboot: it stays in the same nearly-shutdown-with-fans-and-lights-on mode as it also was when I tried to shut down before the DSDT fix. I tried OpenHaltRestart.kext and reboot fix in chameleon with no success. I'm afraid that IOPCIFamily will not work in mavericks, but I might give it a try tomorrow. 2- Suspend: same mode. If I come back from suspend immediately, then it's ok. If I wait a bit longer, same nearly-shutdown mode, it never comes back. Now I see a light at the end of the road finally!
  7. Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    Hi! I have an ATI Radeon 9000 64mb (4c66) too in my 16,1" P4 3.06GHz laptop, and Intel i810 in my 12" Centrino 1.7GHz. Finally I got i810 working great in osx86: QE, CI, full screen video with mplayer plays great and even maximize and minimize windows effects from latest mplayer versions work really great. But 4c66 seems to be cursed. Is anything better than katana yet? It's funny how my best graphic's card laptop in windows and linux is my worst graphics laptop for osx86. This thread and your efforts are our only hope. Thanks a lot for keeping trying!
  8. Radeon 9800

    I have followed instructions , but no CI/QE. With kextstat I can see 73 0 0x33453000 0x2000 0x1000 com.free.driver.CallistoHAL (1.0.0d1) <16 11> so CallistoHAL seems to load. In System Profiler I get: Radeon 9800 XT: Modelo de chipset: Radeon 9800 XT Tipo: Pantalla Bus: AGP VRAM (total): 128 MB Fabricante: ATI (0x1002) ID del dispositivo: 0x4e4a ID de la revisión: 0x0000 Pantallas: Nokia 445Xi+: Resolución: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz Profundidad: Color de 32 bits Core Image: Incompatible Pantalla principal: Sí Duplicado: Desactivado En línea: Sí Quartz Extreme: Incompatible Everything works fine except QE/CI!! I can change resolutions ok, and at least 75Hz. But when I try to play any video, VLC hangs. P.S: I noticed just after first installation, that I got QE/CI working, just by putting my card id into ATIRadeon9700.kext, but just 60Hz, no resolution change and mouse tearing. And my hard disk was making some strange gentle beeping when reading or writing (really strange, I thought it was making some interference with the soundcard, but it was still on with the speakers off). Then I found this thread and followed instructions. Well, actually I first installed AGPGart, and Callisto after it. Now I can't hear this weird noise. Maybe it went off after installing AGPGart or after installing Callisto. It would be really nice some help.
  9. 10.4.8 images don't work with my grub!

    Thanks a lot macintoshy, you are fully right!! I formated from 10.4.6 DVD's disk utility and installed OSX86 from 10.4.8 JAS DVD and everything was ok with grub.
  10. 10.4.8 images don't work with my grub!

    I've been reading this about grub error 18. I bet a part of the problem is having the Geexbox partition at the end of the hard drive (last 25mb). But I can boot Windows and Geexbox without any problem. It even works with 10.4.6!! But when I boot 10.4.8 with the options you gave me: root (hd0,1) makeactive chainloader --force +1 I get grub error 18. I'll try later to change Geexbox to the begining of the hard drive to see if this avoids error 18. I've tried to install 10.4.8 without semthex kernel but same results. Grub error 18. Now I'll try to change the boot partition to the begining of the hd.
  11. 10.4.8 images don't work with my grub!

    Maybe too big hard drive? 250gb... Don't think so. It shouldn't work with 10.4.6 neither. But it does! I have reinstalled 10.4.6 and works again. It must be some grub problem with the new Darwin kernel image... I'll try to install 10.4.8 again without intel sse3 semthex kernel image, but with the generic one and see what happens.
  12. 10.4.8 images don't work with my grub!

    Thanks for the fast answer! Sorry for the lack of vital data. I just was wondering if somebody knew about this grub problem. The partition table is: (hd0,0) hda1 ntfs 15gb WindowsXP Active (hd0,1) hda2 0xaf 10gb OSX86 (hd0,2) hda3 ext3 210gb DATA (hd0,3) hda4 ext3 25mb Contains Geexbox with Grub All of them are primary as you can see. When I try with your options I get: Loading stage 2.. Grub loading, please wait. Error 18 Everything works fine with darwin kernel version in 10.4.6 dvd , but 10.4.8 darwin kernel seems different...
  13. I installed some time ago my OSX86 and everything worked fine at first time. I use grub as boot manager for Windows, OSX86, Kubuntu and Geexbox. Everything was fine since I decided to install last JAS 10.4.8 DVD. After the installation, when I try to boot OSX86 partition I get a grub error. Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0xaf. chainloader +1 Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format I've tried with rootnoverify (hd0,1) also with chainloader --force +1 even with chainloader /chain0 and their combinations, but no success... It seems grub is unable to recognize the new 10.4.8 kernel as a valid one to boot, as far as I've been able to research at the internet for grub error 13. Does anybody have noticed the same error? Any solutions? I'll try upgrade grub to latest version and see what happens. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers!!
  14. I installed some time ago my OSX86 and everything worked fine at first time. I use grub as boot manager for Windows, OSX86, Kubuntu and Geexbox. Everything was fine since I decided to install last JAS 10.4.8 DVD. It seems grub is unable to recognize the new 10.4.8 kernel as a valid one to boot, as far as I've been able to research at the internet. Does anybody have noticed the same error? Any solutions? I'll try upgrade grub to latest version. Cheers!!