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  1. Yep, i tried it. It's the most stable one which also includes the lvs1974 code fix.
  2. Is nvidiagraphicsfixup needed anymore with this new driver? Just askin'...
  3. Kynyo


    Here it is a useful new tool for Oz made by mackie100 called Ozmosis Configurator.
  4. Hi @MaLd0n! is it necessary to apply those patches in config.plist from the 1st page if im using your DSDT and post install EFI folder for Z270-Gaming K3? Thanks, You're doing a great job!
  5. Kynyo


    To be able to enter in bios reset system than spam rapidly esc button to deactivate ozmosis bios (screen it will flash red) temporarily than hit del rapidly and you'll be able to enter in bios.
  6. Use this boot argument to avoid KP ngfxcompat=1
  7. Could someone compile latest nvidiagraphicsfixup with new commits? I dont have xcode installed and im on a slow connection now. Thanks.
  8. This is an important boot argument to avoid kernel panics or other incompatibility issues. ngfxcompat=1 boot argument (and force-compat property) to ignore compatibility check in NVDAStartupWeb
  9. Ok then. I've tested now 1.2.5 and even for me with Pascal and Haswell system interface seems more snappy. May be placebo but it works!
  10. Did you used any particular boot argument?
  11. Go with AMD GPU or change the platform to an older one.
  12. Its a known problem that systems after Z97 goes nuts with new GPU's, Pascal ones exactly.