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  1. Kynyo


    rename original rom as base.rom, put in BaseROM folder then re-run the script.
  2. Kynyo


    Strange, already using it, did a couple of modifications and all seems to be good. No probs here.
  3. Kynyo


    UEFITool has been updated!
  4. Would be someone kind enough to give me IOUSBHostfamily.kext from the latest beta build 17F70a? Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind. Solved.
  5. Kynyo


    reset system from case button then rapidly hit esc till screen flashes red and then rapidly hit DEL. That will temporary disable ozmosis so you could Deactivate discrete graphics, save settings and try to boot your install. Everything should work normally after that.
  6. S'all good here. System Version: macOS 10.13.5 (17F70a) Kernel Version: Darwin 17.6.0
  7. Kynyo

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    One simple way of booting on apfs if you have apfs.ffs integrated into bios it's like this: At boot menu select EDK Efi shell and type: fsx: X equals your macOS partition generally it is 0 or 1. then cd system cd Library cd CoreServices boot.efi. And then your system will boot. After that go to system preferences>startup disk and select your macOS partition. After reboot it will stay at boot menu till your next nvram reset. After that the procedure must be re-done. Example:If you type cd then Sys and then hit tab it will auto complete with correct path.
  8. Put this kext int clover / efi /kexts folder alongsite latest Lilu.kext and check if the artifacts are gone.
  9. Yep, i tried it. It's the most stable one which also includes the lvs1974 code fix.
  10. Is nvidiagraphicsfixup needed anymore with this new driver? Just askin'...
  11. Kynyo


    Here it is a useful new tool for Oz made by mackie100 called Ozmosis Configurator.
  12. Hi @MaLd0n! is it necessary to apply those patches in config.plist from the 1st page if im using your DSDT and post install EFI folder for Z270-Gaming K3? Thanks, You're doing a great job!
  13. Kynyo


    To be able to enter in bios reset system than spam rapidly esc button to deactivate ozmosis bios (screen it will flash red) temporarily than hit del rapidly and you'll be able to enter in bios.