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  1. help installing iATKOS v7

    hey drivers > VGA > nVidia > EFI string for nVidia > DVI/DVI works for me ;P good luck!
  2. help installing iATKOS v7

    hmmm, im having lots of trouble with this version, im going to try iDeneb LITE
  3. help installing iATKOS v7

    i tried searching forums and it was just other people asking aswell
  4. help installing iATKOS v7

    wooo! got gpu to work, only thing that dosnt work now is my internet do you know if the D-Link G DWA-510 works? i installed Ralink RT61 but dosnt work do i have to find a kext or something? i also have a netgear WG111v2, and i know they work on other os's but not v7 :censored2: is there anyway to get one of these cards to work? & also it still takes about 8 minutes to bootup
  5. Hello, im not sure if this is the right spot to ask but oh well. is there a program that will let me see my mac os x while on vista? i remeber a guy saying he uses one but i cannot find the vid thanks for help =D
  6. help installing iATKOS v7

    Ok i got onto the os!! having 2 problems.. and my res is only 1024 x 768, my card is a 9800gtx+ is there anyway for this card to work? and i still have to wait for ages how do i delete that thing? i looked for AppleHWSensor.kext in the extensions folder and cannot find it thanks again
  7. help installing iATKOS v7

    ok thanks ALOT for your help. i get a message saying "InterfaceName: times out waiting for OIKit to quiesce" im not sure how to fix this :S i left it for ages and after a while it started up but cant get my wave keyboard working:D
  8. help installing iATKOS v7

    it said "still waiting for root device" :S
  9. help installing iATKOS v7

    hey, i installed iATKOS v7 but it keeps restarting my computer anyone know why?
  10. help :) stuck at apple logo

    hey okkkkkkkk i downloaded iATKOS_v7, when i boot it i get apple logo for about 1 second then my comp restarts? weirddddd got any ideas?
  11. help :) stuck at apple logo

    Ok thanks lot, ill try iATKOS v7 fingers crossed:) and thanks for taking the time to help:)
  12. help :) stuck at apple logo

    ok, Intel core 2 duo E8500 Nvidia 8900gtx+ ECS ELITEGROUP P45T-A motherboard 4gb ddr2 ram ummmm cant think of anything else you would need also i got 2 SATA hard drives 1TB with vista and 7, im planing to install os x on second 80gb hdd thanks alot for your help man
  13. help :) stuck at apple logo

    Ok, the last thing it says is extension "com.apple.driver.ACPI_smc_platform has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernal and com.apple.kpi components; use only one style does that help at all?
  14. help :) stuck at apple logo

    umm yeh thats what i did do ill try again and take note:D
  15. help :) stuck at apple logo

    this is before installation, How do i do F8 with -v flag? lol sorry and thanks for help ok sorry that was really noob, i did that nothing is happening