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    Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    how come i go into the termanal, type sudo su enter the password type cd/system/library/extensions and it says this folder or something dosent exist???? because i dont have a damn clue and i really want internet like now
  2. Robert49

    Just Installed, Couple issues, please help

    ok i found a solution to the wirless thing but when i put in the terminal sudo su and asks for password then i put in cd/system/library/extensions it says it dosent exsist?????? anyone know wtf and how to gtet it to do something correctly
  3. ok well i installed mac on my laptop, a hp laptop(1.8ghz, 3.00 gb's of ram, intell duo 2) well i installed perfectly but after installation i find i have no internet but everything else seems 2 be fine except i cant connect to my external hard drive which i need 2 run some mac software off of. well since im new 2 mac and have never been on anything but a wondows machie i dont know what people r talking about in the toturials, i dont know what a kext file is and i have no idea where 2 go for such things they say to change, i have a broadcom internal card i guess and need internet on mac side for several things. would also like 2 know how to get the external hd to work, it recognizes it, but dosent read it, it gives me a error.but anyway any info would be great