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  1. FYI Infoworld reports that the IEEE 802.11n working group has approved draft version 1.10 of the high-performance wireless networking specification. The draft specification will strive to play better with legacy 2.4 GHz devices, but minimize the impact on existing draft-802.11n compliant equipment including Apple's recently updated Airport Extreme and Macs that include 802.11n capable networking cards. Manufacturers like Atheros, Intel, and Apple and their customers will be happy to hear that version 1.10 is compatible with the pre-802.11n products they have already created. "It will only require a minor firmware upgrade for complete compatibility," said [bill McFarland, a member of the working group just back from the London meeting where version 1.10 was approved]. The version will be released to the full 802.11n committee by the end of the month as draft version 2.0, although at least one more draft is expected before final approval (expected in October 2008).
  2. Yeah, me too... The announcement said that the driver would be included with the base station. Let's hope that they also release it with Software Update.
  3. iMac G5 Ram

    Unless it has a shorter warranty period, I'd get the cheaper sticks. Good luck!
  4. I get FAR better range with my draft-n router (though not better speeds) with my wireless card running at "g" already. I have tested this by swapping out the draft-n router with a g-router of the same brand. Not at home--WHERE I SAID I WANTED THE ADDITIONAL SPEED. Get a clue.
  5. Can you just drop it and go away? You've added nothing of importance to the thread. I'd appreciate it if you would not continue to respond here. You are welcome to start your own thread elsewhere and spread your opinions on the evils of draft-n. This is not why the thread was created and you and dark4181 continue to take it off topic. Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. He said that because they might not be able to be upgraded that they are a waste of money. That's incorrect. Some people could care less. Put it this way--where do I use the internet? 1. Home - This is the main place that I am looking for increased range and speed. I have a draft-n card and router. If they work together now they always will--regardless of what the final revision is--or even if there is NEVER a final revision. 2. Work - I plug into a wired network. Card upgradeability is a moot point. 3. Hong Kong/Shanghai - Most installs are 802.11b. (See: http://www.jiwire.com/browse-hotspot-hong-...ong-2200011.htm ) If I'm lucky, they might upgrade them to g over the next year. Upgradeability to n is meaningless. 4. Elsewhere - There are lots of b and g installs. It will be a LONG time before there are many n-installs. By that time, several years from now, you'll be able to get an n router for $20. In the mean time, I will be running at the highest speeds possible in every location in which I work. So why was it that I should not upgrade to draft-n?
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel_%28computer_science%29
  8. No that makes it YOUR OPINION. If you have a draft-n card and a draft-n router that ALREADY WORK, they will continue to work with each other REGARDLESS of the final spec. DUH. Why that is difficult for you to comprehend is beyond me.
  9. Sorry, but you are both WRONG. He said: "you're wasting your time and your money with the draft-n cards" like they are going to expire or something. If your draft n card is working with your draft n router NOW, they will continue to work with each other IN THE FUTURE regardless of what is adopted, or even if NOTHING is adopted.
  11. WRONG. If you have a draft n card and a draft n router, you're set. I mainly want the speed at home. I'm plugged in at work and everywhere else that already has g will stay at g for the foreseeable future. Now I just need an Apple driver.
  12. As most people know, all of the new Macs come with a (disabled) 802.11n card. Is anyone working on a driver to enable this card?
  13. Bootloader Problem

    You need to post a LOT more information if you want some help with that. Have you EVER had OSX running on the machine? What is your hardware setup? What are the names of the software and OSs you are using? Etc...
  14. Windows gone byebyes? What happened...

    I have a similar problem. After installing MacOSX, Windows no longer booted. Is there a good way to get rid of Acronis and still have a dual boot system? I would prefer not to have to reinstall anything, but I would be willing to reinstall Windows if I HAD to. I would NOT be willing to reinstall OSX, though. Also, if I delete the windows partition (which contains Acronis) would the Mac partition still boot?
  15. Is it possible to check the temps without rebooting (and without buying hardware)?