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  1. Yeah I am using a retail 10.6 disk and get the virtual CPU error...
  2. Uhhhm, I am running what I believe to be the exact same laptop. I am running 10.6.2 and the only kext in S/L/E I have of the ones you listed are IOATAFamily.kext. I have none of the others. I have the same 5 in /Extra/Extensions. How did you get the closing the lid sleep to work?
  3. Well I followed a combination of yours, EricW's, and Disneysw guides/instructions and have most things working. I will take a full inventory of what works and what doesn't. I know right now my stupid wifi light won't come on. I know both my network interfaces (wired and wireless) work. I know sleep works. I know shutdown/reboot does not. I also tried to do the dsdt thing and got errors trying to decompile it. I used a kubuntu live cd to get it. I ended up using Disneysw's dsdt from his post here (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184903&st=40#) So now I am wondering if I can use software updates to get to 10.6.1 without anything blowing up. I will just use it as is until I hear back Later after I get everything set up the way I want I will clone the drive and start seeing if I can figure out how to set up and external mac debugger (I have another hackintosh that works well) and see if I can look into the shutdown/restart issue. Damn wifi lights lol oh, and I know QE/Ci is orking as I gots rippples in widgets
  4. So, all in all, if I want to do this what will and won't be working, and what are the steps and required files? I see things from nips, msingh, and disney but I don't want to try to mish mash them myself. I have a whopping 6 days experience doing this. I am running vanilla kernel 10.5.8 on my d830 right now with a few annoyances and 10.5.7 on my presario desktop at home. Let me know where to start guys and I will let you know how successful I am!
  5. [Guide] Dell Latitude D630/D830

    ok I did a reinstall so I could repartition the way I wanted to. Apparently I haven't installed something because now I have no sleep again... Is there some known thing I need to do that I didn't but people don't expect to work? (Did that make any sense?)
  6. Let me know if you get everything working. I am sure I will be bugging you to help me out. I plan on doing this in the next few days. I have my sata-usb adapter and everything all ready to go.
  7. [Guide] Dell Latitude D630/D830

    D830 NV 140 3GB RAM installed using iATKOS 5i. ran software update installed *everything* and my sleep works fine. I am trying to get all my other {censored} worked out. I need to take an inventory of what works and what doesn't.
  8. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    I wish that worked for me. I have a D830 and I can't get *any* install dvd to get past the IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 0:23 error...
  9. I have a D830 and I can't get atkos v7 or iPC 10.5.6 to boot the install DVD for anything... Darwin Kernel Version 9.5.0 blah blah blah is where it stops every time. I have tried just about every combination of switches I have found. Anyone have any ideas? Bios set to default then changed sata to AHCI. tried cpus=2 -v, tried -v -x noapic cpus=2, I mean I have tried everything I could think of. {censored} lol So I ended up getting iATKOS 5i and that worked great. Then ran software update and now happily running 10.5.8. I did have to try to boot with just -v about 4 times for it to boot to the install screen.
  10. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    I can't even get my M4300 to boot off the atkos v7 dvd. what switches did you guys use?
  11. Need help with Leopard install

    Well as a side note, I got OS X installed on my SR2170NX with no trouble at all on the first try