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  1. Ha ha, you could be right :-) Apart from it runs even worse on PC's, you'd think that Gates would sort that out! hee hee. It is evil (even on a mac) and now I'm stuck with it as it's really the only thing that will reference my library and the mess it's now in...gutted. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get it back to how it was, I knew as soon as it saw it happening...slow-mo- "nnooooooooo" went on I tell you. Oh well, cheers for you're input dude, I'm away to cry into my filesystem and forever hate itunes and myself for being stupid (I ALWAYS advise new users to uncheck the "Let iTunes organise"..IDIOT) All the best Nobby
  2. Thanks mate but that's not really much help, Obviously if it was all tagged within correct ID headers in the 1st place I wouldn't have had this problem. (or less of a problem anyway) Most of my library has come from various sources over many years and a lot of it isn't tagged (or are white labels etc.) Only the CDS I've ripped in myself are correctly tagged. It would take me even longer to go through, tag them all and then move them all. I was looking to see if what iTunes has done can be undone. I wasn't hopeful in the 1st place but I though someone on this forum might have a wee trick up their sleeves. Cheers Nobby
  3. I accidentally checked "Let iTunes organise my library" What an idiot!?!?! I hear you cry. Now I had lots of lovely folders all nicely organised how I wanted them (Funk & Soul/Dance/Clasical/Mixes etc. and an artist folder with subfolders for full albums...you get the picture...years of work really.) Basically over 120GB of mp3's have been moved to individual folders and there's now lots of Unkown Album folders, plus anything that was "featuring xx" has it's own folder. I'll stop there the details aren't that important on this. Does anyone know of a way to "undo" the mess that iTunes has made? Any 3rd party software you would recommend as I simply can't face moving all the files back, I'd never get it done and then iTunes wouldn't be able to find them....arrg...worse still in ow it's my fault for not paying attention. Am I forever bound by iTunes library.xml? :-) Any help would be appreciated. I use an old Dual G4 running Tiger 10.4.11 and iTunes 9.2 for music. Regards to all Nobby
  4. Instaling Leopard on my old iBook

    Hey I'm trying a similar thing on my old G4, need to get leopard on it, all the retail discs I've tried so far have been intel only so no use and I can't seem to fins a power PC install disc...away this weekend but I'll give it a go with iATKOS when I get back and let you know. Nobby
  5. GarageBand MIDI conflict issue

    Hi Mate it's an annoying error related to CPU spikes apparently http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7453706 I used to get error syncing audio and Midi which was a similar problem, I would try playing the session from your internal drive and see how it goes not using USB. Cheers Nobby
  6. Hi Nelson Can't help you much, all of my hacks have been laptops except one Dell XPS something for a friend. however I personally think your hackintosh life would be a lot easier if you stick with intel precessors and nvidia graphics, this forum is ace for info so just have search around for other peoples specs. Good luck with the build, PM me if you need any help with Pro-tools/Logic Cheers Nobby
  7. Hi Mate Pro-tools still only has a 32bit audio engine, that could be your problem, there is a 8.0.4 coming soon, but that will still be 32bit. I've got a Mac-pro dual quad core and I still need to run it in 32bit mode to have a fully working pro-tools, wouldn't;t expect a 64 bit any time soon. Cheers Nobby [Edit] Meant to say, boot with the flag arch=i386 and see if you get more than one core
  8. Dell Latitude E4300

    Hi Mate Same E4300 here I have success to some degree using Hazard, everything working (64 bit) except graphics (native 1024x768) and the touchpad goes mental every time I touch it so using a usb mouse at the moment, even airport works flawlessly with no extra kexts (dell 1397/1500 wifi) Graphic problem is down to the Intel 4500, there is no kext available for it, there's a thread on here about patching the DSDT to get the res up but still no Quartz Extreme etc. I haven't tried this yet, have tried editing com.apple.boot.plist but that gave me a black screen. Still working on the touchpad here too, some threads hint that it is related to the above Graphics issue. I'm dual booting with Win 7. The options I checked in the Hazard install (from memory, might not be exact text!!) were as follows: 10.6.2 combo update Newest chameleon bootloader (PC EFI 10.5) Leave Kernel blank Voodoo battery (Laptop support) Apple HDA (Sound) SMBOIS resolver UUID Rossetta and X11 (not necessary) Let me know how you get on or if I can help a bit more, I'm no expert but I've managed to hackintosh most of my mates laptops/PC's and have done about 5 now!! and good luck Nobby
  9. Logic pro 9 user's

    Back finally fella No HD spikes for me! Although I got a CPU low from the demo song (my machine isn't exactly speedy anyway) not sure how to help, need someone with more expertise than me. Give me a shout if you need me to test anything else though. Good luck Nobby
  10. Logic pro 9 user's

    Hi Mate I'm on Leopard (5.8) but I'll give it a try for you later ( I only have 1 demo song, think it's the Theivery Corporation) I'm on a tosh laptop too so mine will probably struggle, have to say I haven't had any HD spikes in any of my sessions though, runs pretty smooth Nobby
  11. PSP Vintage Warmer

    This is just a guess but I reckon the 32 bit bridge isn't helping, might have to wait for the 64bit version Are you using any other 32bit plugs? Are they fine?
  12. Antique Hackintosh

    No old stories to tell (only entered into this world at iATKOS v7) but... Massive props for that old one you had, sure your perseverance has made it easier for us lot now.
  13. Trackpad click

    Hiya I think I managed this using the voodoo PS2 options in the system preferences (or even in the normal mouse/trackpad section) not near my machine so can't check exactly but that's the right direction
  14. Playing Tiger Woods for free

    This game changed my life many years ago, now I can play it at work, OH yeah baby
  15. Hi Steve I had the same install problem with the )MB video RAM, I decided to get that sorted and then install..so I think you may have to look into getting your video kext working properly...I noticed that my video was very sluggish anyway so I think it is something you need to sort out., I'm on a toshiba sat too but my graphics is a Nvidia so I'm afraid I can't help you there. I was using the exact kext for my 7300 Go but had to use a more generic nvinject/nvdarwin to get my video RAM recognised..not sure what your options are for intel. The reason the EXS sampler etc. is crossed out is because Logic hasn't got a configured sound device...which is aporblme as you can't get into the preferences to sort it, you cold try editing the com.apple.logic.plist but you'll need a fuill on Logic Guru for that, there are some good logic forums out there which are worth joining, some real experts that may help. I reckon, get your video working then you'll get into the preferences to tell it which sound device to use...or most likely the install with go through properly and it will realise that's the only sound device you have and use it. All the best...a pleasure to see another Logic user on here. Hope I've helped Rich