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  1. Successful install. Haven't yet tried dual booting as I am still in my initial Hackintosh session. Still, this is a major step. Wanted to share my installation experience getting this far. Hardware: MSI K9N Neo (nForce 550 chipset) AMD athlon X2 3800+ Corsair DDR2 2 Gigs RAM Gigabyte Geforce 7300 GS video card PS2 keyboard and mouse PATA Maxtor 80 Gig HD Settings: Jas 10.4.6 install DVD During install, under customize, selected: AMD Base system AMD SSE2 10.4.6 Semjaza decrypts (forget exact wording) Hitting upon this combination of customization options took a few installation attempts. And I am left with only 10.4.4. When I tried the same list but added Combination updates for Intel and AMD, the system wouldn't complete booting. Don't yet have much functionality - no sound, no networking - but haven't worked on that. Will post back as system evolves. I am just pleased to get through the installation and have this hardware combination actually boot. Comments?
  2. tbart

    Installation problem, AMD Ath64 x2

    New to this forum. I am having trouble with lockups during booting; I was able to install using Jas 10.4.6. The entire installation completed from the DVD. Then, when I removed the DVD, and rebooted, I would get only part way thru the process and get locked up. When installing and the while trying to reboot with darwin, I have had to press F8 and insert -v cpus=2. With cpus=1 or no cpus option I locked up during install and lock up faster than I do now with cpus=2 I think the problem lies in the options selected during the install. See my hardware specs below. My question is: which options to select for my hardware? I selected thel following: - combo upgrade for AMD and Intel - AMD base system - AMD SSE 2 - 10.4.6 Senja decrypts for AMD (Forget the exact words) I wonder if some of these might be unneeded. I cannot find anyplace else in the forum where settings for this hardware is described. Thanks in advance tbart MSI K9N Neo AMD 64 XP 2 3800+ PATA single HD Corsair 2 gig DDR2 Ram GeForce 7300 GS Graphics card.