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  1. Apparently I have three different SATA chips on the motherboard. Some are SATA 3G some are SATA 6G. They're all from different chipmakers and some are less compatible with OSX than others. So depending on which particular SATA port I connect my drive to I might get very different results. However, while messing around and trying to install El Capitan I managed to kill my lovely ATI Radeon HD 5870 So, now I'll have to settle with my backup Geforce 9800 GT. Predictably, having blown my primary GPU, I've given up on El Capitan. For now, I'll just settle with Yosemite.
  2. Yeah, so I heard. Running Yosemite now, will try making an El Capitan USB with Un1B3@57 and see how that goes..
  3. First I installed Clover with Mult1B3ast, then when that didn't work I tried the official Clover installer. That didn't work either.. Another weird thing is, I've tried Chameleon Enoch with Yosemite on this PC. And I can't make it use GUI and themes. Same goes for Chameleon, it didn't matter what I did with boot.plist in /Extra. Chameleon and Enoch would always boot in text mode.
  4. I can mount and open it with Clover Configurator, I can see it listed in Terminal and in Finder. It doesn't show up in Disk Utility.
  5. With only the OSX drive connected I get the "no boot device" error in BIOS, same as before.
  6. 1 Thanks I'll try to try it out! 2 Ok, I'll unplug all other drives, just to be sure, and report back after.
  7. Here is the config file that clover configurator finds. config.plist.zip Hm.. can I hide partitions in BIOS so that I can see the ones that don't show up? I'm going to have a look in BIOS now. Here's how bios looks and what happens if I select Mac OS X:
  8. There is no such partition in BIOS, the only UEFI option that shows up in bios boot menu is UEFI USB
  9. 1 Do you mean efi/clover/config.plist? (like I said this is the first time I'm using clover) 2 Nope, bios shows Mac OS X (which is funny because there is no partition with that name) and Installer (there is no such partition either) EDIT: Got audio working with voodoohda, the one issue is that there's a lot of noise from input gain at boot. Any way to remove this boot up noise?
  10. 1 Is this cloveralc? How do I use it? 2 Yes I've used the latest Clover installer from sourceforge and installed for UEFI on the OSX partition.
  11. I installed with this (No links to modified images). It's a usb image of el capitan 10.11.3 with clover, fakesmc, nullcpu and ps2 support. So it's basically a vanilla install with fakesmc and a clover partition. Cutting right to the chase, here are my two issues that I'm aware of right now: 1 I can't get audio working with Realtek 892, it's not detected 2 Clover isn't detected by PC no matter what I do (but boots fine from the usb I linked to above) Specs: Asus P8P67 LE Intel P67 Chipset Intel Core i5 2400 3.1GHz ATI Radeon HD 5870 I should mention that I've never used clover until now.
  12. Yes, but I still needed to use the "EnableHDMIAudio=Yes" boot flag.
  13. None of it, I edited Info.plist in AppleHDA.kext. I thought that was what you do. Don't think clover boots on my PC. EDIT: Solution for Audio 1 Removed AppleHDA for realtek 2 Installed VoodooHDA 3 Used ErmaC's suggestion 4 Reboot Now audio and volume knob works PS. Also installed AppleHDADisabler EDIT #2: Solution for Ethernet 1 Open IONetworking kext and remove nvenet from it. 2 Install nForceLAN_0.64.5 (new one isn't stable) and fixed permissions and rebuild cache 3 Disable Ethernet Built In in Chameleon 4 Reboot Followed the advice in OSX 10.9.2 Hardware Compatibility List for Acer X1700 (same nforce 630i chipset as me). EDIT #3: I have a new problem now, it seems USB mass storage support disappears after a bit of uptime. If I use a usb stick right after OSX has booted it will work. But if I wait for 30 or more minutes it won't work, the USB stick won't be detected. Oh... and now reboot and shutdown issues are back Doesn't reboot and doesn't shut down. Shows a black screen with a mouse cursor when I try to shut down / reboot. EDIT #4: Solution for Reboot / Shutdown and USB: 1 Removed EvoReboot, OpenHaltRestart and Reboot fix in chameleon. 2 Reinstalled OpenHaltRestart, fixed permissions and cache 3 Reboot (hard reboot of course lol) 4 Reboot & Shutdown work (although a little slow 1-2 minutes) USBBusFix in Chameleon fixed USB issues. Everything works now, as far as I can tell. Thanks Allan, ErmaC, Google and InsanelyMac for the help!
  14. Even though I've been around since 2009, I don't know enough stuff to be doing it vanilla style. It would just take a whole week (at least) to research everything. And in the end it wouldn't be worth it. I'll go vanilla when I'll buy a new PC, then I'll make sure all of the components will be OSX compatible oob. Yes, I've tested VoodooHDA, and several versions of AppleHDA for realtek audio. Of course deleting them each time I test a new one and repairing permissions & cache. Here's the screenshot.