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  1. Hp G72-262nr

    I have a Hp G72-262nr and when I try to install Snow Leopard in any way it will get to the apple logo for a second then reboot. My bios doesnt have AHCI settings, is that what would make it reboot? I'm not completely new to this I do have a shuttle hackintosh with e8400 overclocked to 3.42ghz 4gb memory and love it. I want to convert this laptop also, thanks for any help
  2. Best laptop for about $500

    want to hackintosh a laptop and spend around 500. I love my desktop hackintosh, I'm very willing to do the work, but would like to know a good laptop with about a core2duo 3.0ghz or better. any help would be great
  3. Anyone have a i3, i5, or i7 working with everything working? Looking to buy a laptop and want one that will run snow leopard well. I have it working on my shuttle pc and love it.
  4. Pci-express wifi 10.6.4

    Thanks in advance. I'm looking for a good Pci-express wireless card that is compatible wit Snow Leopard 10.6.4. I have a Shuttle xpc e8400 Oc to 3.42ghz 4 gig memory. Love my setup with Snow Leopard but want to go wireless, I have a ralink RT61 but can't find a kext anywhere . From what I read it is'nt compatible ,so any suggestions?
  5. Shuttle SG31G2 BIOS Settings

    I'm in the same situation exactly , did you get it going yet?
  6. Shuttle SG31G2 BIOS Settings

    Papasmurph; Ihave the sg31g2 8400 4 gigs memory. Any chance I could get your setup from you? I'd like to try osx