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    Help macbook refuse to install OS X

    Sounds like you need to partition your hard drive with the right file system structure. Vista uses NTFS and mac uses HFS+ Journaled. So in order to install Mac OS you need to use the disk utility to change it to HFS+ before you install the OS. The disk utility should be up at the top of the screen, in tools? I think. I can't remember but that sounds like what needs to happen.
  2. I consider myself to be an advanced computer user, after all I installed MacOS X on my pc with the kexts for networking and sound. I found that most sites tailoring to Mac users are dumbed down. I was wondering if you guys knew of some good sites for power users to explore? What sites do you like? Any good books? What about for the UNIX/FreeBSD mac os is built upon any good sites for that? Linux sites are loaded with great resoursces and I know there are similarities but are there specific mac resources? Please refrain from posting on this thread unless you have something useful to contribute, useless condescending comments help no one. Thank guys!
  3. Okay I finally figured it out. And I might mention that although I appreciate that this "howto" was created I would like to say that it is missing critical "howto" information. The files needed to install the drivers for sound, video, or NIC / ethernet are called kexts. For attansic L1 Ethernet for the p5k follow this link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40851&st=300&p=706663entry706663. Download that zip For the sound you need for the P5K follow this link and download the extensions 2.zip : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=68867&st=0&p=494707entry494707 To install the kexts for ethernet and sound do the following: The best way to accomplish installing these is by a program called OSX86 Tools. Rather than just telling you that I will also include a link where to download it that way you have to blow hours trying to get find it and get the kext installed. Here is the link: http://code.google.com/p/osx86tools/ Perhaps the link with break in the future but you need to search for "osx86 tools utility" Open the program and under the extensions section there is an option to install kexts. Follow the prompts. After I did this the onboard sound on my p5k worked perfectly! As I mentioned in a previous post I did the Attansic by hand but that is only because I had a little experience in Gentoo Linux and kind knew what I was doing. Also it was only one kext so it didn't take that long.
  4. Okay I also have a P5K. I got the ethernet working through using manual terminal commands. For the sound you guys are recommending I use the extensions 2.zip link that was mentioned in the beginning of this thread. However in the extension 2 zip there are 10 kexts. Am I suppose to install all of these? or a couple? Which ones? And do I really have to do all 10 of them by with manual commands? There must be a better way. I read about a OSx86 kext installer but I can't find this program. If I should use the osx86 kext installer, can someone please point me to it. I am so close to having everything working!! Please just help me with this last part. There is not that much left...