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  1. Hi D-an-W, do you have successfully Trim Enabled with that SSD? With Trim Enabler from Cindori?
  2. Good to know if needed. Thanks for sharing black!
  3. You're welcome. I agree with you. Surely on day you will also have an SSD in your Hack. It makes really fun to work with it cause it's so damned fast... Good idea. I'll give it a try.
  4. Anybody knows how to check whether Bonjour Networking is working properly (I mean w/o using the well known Bonjour Browser)? Are there maybe command line tools for this?
  5. Wow that was damned fast! Well done blackosx, thanks a lot!! If you want you can add an additional section in the PDFs for users who also want to run a SSD drive with TRIM ENABLED. You can find the necessary information here: TRIM Enabler for 10.6.8 (Credit goes to Oskar Groth who made this possible also for Non Apple SSDs). I'm successfully running a Crucial RealSSD 128 GB in one of my Hacks w/o any issues for several months now. Thank you Oskar!
  6. ...yes of course I'll wait until you give us the go-ahead. Thanks again, you work is really invaluable for the osx86 community!!
  7. ...I agree with you D-an-W! I've used Blacks Support Files several times also for other Hacks as a really good basis
  8. Blackosx, thanks for the update!! I'll test the files within the next days. It's good to have now a common base again
  9. Hi blackosx, maybe v10.6.8 was the final major update for Snow (as v10.5.8 for Leo). So I think it would be very helpful for all users of your GA-EP45-DS3L-Guide if you would update the Support Files (v1.4.4) on the front page to the current state. What do you think? Thanks again for your excellent support in this thread, which is one of the best I've ever seen...
  10. @Azuzl: Thank you very much for this great post!! This surely will help a lot of P5K-Users...
  11. Hi blackosx, yes Apple has brought out an Supplemental Update Download ID: DL1370 to fix this problem with iTunes. I can confirm that using Disabler.kext in /E/E solves this issue if a GF 9800GT is installed in our EP45-DS3L. All now again works like a charm exactly as before with v10.6.6.
  12. Hi MrDiaz, did you look at netkas site? Maybe it helps you: PC EFI and ATI Category. Good luck!
  13. Hi blackosx, hi folks, thank you all so much for your great work!! I learned so much from you! And now I'm so happy with my Hack For me too, upgrading to v10.6.7 64-bit via S/W-Update (from 10.6.6) as well as via Combo-Update (from 10.6.3) worked like a charm. But after this update I had an issue with iTunes like many other MacBook Air users: Every time when iTunes starts the system freezes (maybe mainly the grahic system!?). See also: EDIT: Now I can confirm that only the graphic system freezes: I can remotely access via SSH and perform a controlled shutdown. Apple Support Discussions After some playing around I installed the disabler.kext in /E/E even though I've a 9800GT installed (till then I didn't need this kext). But this fixed for me the problem! I think that Apple has done some big changes within the graphic part (e.g. IOGraphicsFamily + AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer) which affects the AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext. But really I don't know much about this...
  14. Broadcom 43xx card on new SL install

    @ETdoFresh Thanks, it helped me a lot! For me, only the first step (see quote above) was required. I have replaced the same WiFi card in my Netbook LG X110 (Dell DW 1397 BCM94312HMG). It now works flawless with the above patch under Snow v10.6.5. RaMaDaSa
  15. Works absolutly perfect in 32- AND 64-bit mode: - Nettop "MSI Wind Box DC200" - Darwin Kernel 10.5.0 (xnu-1504.9.17~1/RELEASE_I386) - Atom 230 (SLB6Z). @teateam Thank you for all your hard work you do for the community!! RaMaDaSa