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  1. Unlocker

    I just wanted to say thank you for these tools! Ive got 10.10 running on 2 developer machines for iOS. I almost cracked and bought a used MBP. I kinda game up on the entire hackintosh thing. Updates breaking things, wasting time to rebuild it all, etc. I got too annoyed by it. This solution is the perfect.
  2. I havge an old GTX 260 Im going to use for now.
  3. Hi all, I cant seem to find someone using this 1150. I mean, its just another version of an i5 and shouldn't be a problem, right?
  4. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Thanks! So basically just ground any of the ground cables on the fireware connector to any random ground pin I can find on the mb.
  5. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi all. What is the cable that should be jumped if you can not power up the mb?
  6. Actually I got it working a different way! In ##### I selected the ##### option in Quick Start which has basic boot options of EthernetBuiltIn=Yes, GraphicsEnabler=No, IGPEnabler=Yes, Legacy Logo=Yes and Timeout=2. Not sure which one did it, but all that matters is that it works. Oops. I didnt know the other site's stuff is not supported here. Sorry bout that. I always bounce between both sites for help. Insanely has always been far faster with help.
  7. Well, the Extra folder was created. But there is no org.Chameleon.Boot.plist file in it.
  8. Oh Im not afraid. I was just mentioning that I havent reinstalled Chimera again so that I can be here in 10.9.5 like I am now. I'll get to reinstalling it now then. Wish me good luck and thanks!
  9. Since I have not installed Chimera for fear of not being able to reboot again, I dont have the Extra folder. Should I install it again and edit the plist file? Would that also apply with the GTX260? Using the correct device ID, of course.
  10. 8600= 0x0402 How do I get it for the bootloader? Also, I have an Nvidia GTX 260. Would it make any difference using that video card? And I am curious why all the reference with video cards with a line that says bluetooth?
  11. My 8600 has 2 DVI ports and one s-video port. I have 2 monitors so both DVIs are connected.
  12. Hi all. So here is my issue. 10.9.5 installs perfectly fine. If I boot from the USB, I can select the 10.9.5 hd and boot up 10.9.5. If I boot up directly from the hd, I only get a cursor on the top left corner of the screen. When I am inside 10.9.5, if I install Chimera, booting up from the hd takes me as far as "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" Once at that point, -x and a variety of other fixes including deleting the AppleIntelHD stuff do not work, and I end up having to delete the partition and starting all over again. I have no clue how to modify any of these bootup configuration files when I cant even start up 10.9.5. I am sure it is some basic setting in the config file of the USB drive, but what I dont know is how to copy that whatever file to the hd. My specs: MB: Asus P5G41T-M LX Intel E2200 2.4ghz core 2 duo Nvidia 8600GT 8GB of Ram 80GB hard drive.
  13. Hi all, I'm seeing a few contradicting things, and I would like to make sure of something. On Nvidia's site: http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro-macosx-256.02.25f01-driver.html The compatibility list only goes up to the GTX285, but the general consensus seems to be any Nvidia 400 series card will work with no trouble using this driver. Is that correct? Also, do all 400 series cards use the Fermi chips, or are there any specific ones I need to look out for? Thx!