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  1. Kernel Panic EP45-DS3R

    Hello, I have the same motherboard and I want to install 10.8 but I tried almost 4 different ways and none is working. Can you tell me with what you made it, please? It would help me. Thank you
  2. Hello, Yes I would like to know how o have it. Thx
  3. FrontRow

    Hi, I've got a problem: Installation went OK, CMD+ESC works well. But Screen is Blank (white) and I can't see what's happening, except Volume and Time bars in iTunes?! I can hear the sounds of all the actions. Any ideas how to resolve? My Specs: Intel Hacktoshiba Laptop, Jas 10.4.7, 256mo RAM, nVidia 64mo VideoRam, screen 1024 x 768, 32bits color Help me please. Thanks. Lekany
  4. Had the same problem and I had to erase the complete HD and reinstall the OSX. You can use the uninstaller NTFS for Mac OS X 6.0 from the NTFSforMacOSXBeta3_3.dmg. Now I use on a OSX 10.4.7 with NTFS-3G_1.1104-ublio. after installing the last MacFuse for 10.4 from here . You should take a look at these great works. The Ublio package with its caching is quite as fast as the Paragon stuff and it comes with some useful "enabling/disabling" scripts.
  5. Hi Bonestonne, Maybe I'm too late but there is only one driver available with the Realtek USB WLAN Client Utility (included in the instalation pack). Read this page or download it here. I use it with no problem at all on my hackintosh. Hope it will help you and please report if it doesn't work. Lekany.
  6. Hi all, I replied in another post but I think this one is most concerned. So here are my replies for how to use NTFS-3G. But here are the latest news I get, Check this last reply No need of NTFS-3G and MacFUSE anymore in that case. Faster and Cleaner Volumes. Try and please report. Enjoy everybody.
  7. I found another great solution for those who don't want to use MacFuse and Ntfs-3g, or having problems and slow downs with NTFS-3G. - Go here at ntfs-mac.com - Register and download that latest version. - Open the .dmg file - Install the Ntfs for Mac OS X package - Reboot and there you are. You can get an older version with this direct one. Now I'm using it after a Complete Uninstall of the NTFS-3G package; It really works great : Recognize my NTFS volumes like Windows NT ones, twice as fast as Ntfs-3g, no directory problems,... And I'm still testing it because it's a beta version. Try and report. Have a good day folks. I don't know if this reply needs to be a new topic.
  8. Hi everybody, Thanks to Laik for all this tuto. If you still want to use MacFuse and Ntfs-3g, I found this complete french installer on a french site, 2 months ago and used it since. It will install updated versions of MacFuse + Ntfs-3g, and will automount your ntfs volume. No more terminal code. This is how i did it: 1- Open the Pack_NTFS-3G_v2.dmg 2- Install the MacFUSE Core package 3- Install the NTFS-3G package 4- Do a Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility 5- Then Reboot 6- Unmount your NTFS volume in Disk Utility 7- Restart on a Windows PC (Xp or Vista) 8- Do a "chkdsk" in the cmd (like this: chkdsk g: /f /r ) where g: is your NTFS volume. 9- Unmount your volume with the windows unmonter if it is an external HD, never unplug it as is 10- Reboot on OSX with your Volume plugged 11- and that's it, your volume should appear like a network volume (grey sphere in a cube) *If you want to uninstall: - Open the Uninstall NTFS-3G.command in the Pack_NTFS-3G_v2.dmg - To Uninstall MacFuse type this in the terminal: sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/uninstall-macfuse-core.sh - and Reboot Doing all this of course, as Laik said at the beginning is "at your own risk". Yes, but nothing is perfect and I think it should be OK. Good luck :pirate2:
  9. Front Row le menu magic

    Salut! Merci à XxNeoNitiPheusxX. Mais petit problème car le lien du fichier n'est plus valide. merci
  10. TIUMP or TIVCP driver

    Sorry vcam but no news since then, too bad
  11. Hi, I need help please. Does anyone have succeed with this driver from Texas Instrument? The guy from usb@ti.com sent me this Mac OSX driver for the TIUSB3410 usb-serial cable provided it AS IS with no support. It's a usb driver used for a Huawei ETS Wireless Modem. The hardware is seen in the System Profiler in the USB but not recognized in the network preferences as a new port. Thanks in advance. Lekany