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  1. I installed Mountain lion just fine on my Asus K53e laptop upgrading an almost fully working Lion Install. After the upgrade I noticed that I could not get my trackpad to work, well I tried several kexts, and while using my other computer to look for solutions I noticed after a few minutes the cursor appeared and I was able to use the trackpad and keyboard. I suspect that it is the AppleACPIPlatform.kext that is the problem. I also notice I get a kernel panic when I restart my laptop or try to shutdown. I am hoping that someone can help. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have been booting into a lion install on a flash drive to try and fix things.
  2. Justin Chapman

    Asus K53E - Blue Screen for 30 minutes

    Any progress on making a DSDT file for your k53e? I purchased 3 of these laptops a few weeks ago for $217 each from Amazon Warehouse Deals. :-) They are brand new I don't know why they were so cheap, it is good hardware, core i5 2.3 ghz 640 GB WD Scorpio Blue HD 4 GB of Ram . I did notice that two of the laptops were manufactured in June 2011 and the other was manufactured in May 2011. The May 2011 K53e has an elan trackpad and came with the an atheros 9285 card. The June 2011 k53e laptops have synaptics trackpads and realtek 8187 cards. I replaced them all with Dell atheros 9280 cards that are detected as native airport. The performance is good, but lion is very unstable on both the may 2011 and June 2011 models of the k53e. I think we need a DSDT for these laptops. I am constantly getting kernel panics and I think it is related to the sound but also the trackpad. I think it is due to problems with ACPI which a DSDT should help solve. I haven't had the time to extract my DSDT and patch it, as I am very busy watching my 1 1/2 year old son by myself. Too bad I didn't buy 2 more of these laptops as I am very pleased with the hardware..... Windows runs very well on these laptops, but I prefer not to use Windows unless I have to. I am planning to sell 1 of the laptops so that is why I want to get Lion working properly, the person who is interested in it wanted a macbook but now is interested in this laptop. Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make these more stable please tell me. I really need Lion to run more stable before I can sell it and give one to my girlfriend.
  3. Justin Chapman

    iPhone Hardware

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the iPhone's hardware. Especially the processor and if the version of OS X that will be on the iPhone will be able to run universal binaries. I wonder if apple is coming up with a new universal binary that will support the new processor architecture of the iPhone and if Apple plans on making the next iPod run OS X and have similar wifi and internet functions? I hope so, i want more from my iPod. I also hope to be able to run some of the more popular OS X programs on iPhone and iPod.
  4. Justin Chapman


    If anyone needs help using ports it's very simple. first you need to update your ports sources. just open a terminal and type: #portsdb -u #portsdb -U Then goto http://www.freshports.org and search for whatever you want and the results will have something like: To install the port: #cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer/ && make install clean just copy the syntax for whatever you want to install and type it in the terminal and ports will take care of the rest. Ports will download and then compile your program.
  5. Justin Chapman

    Can Leo 10.5 Be installed on a G3?

    you could try it but it will prob be slow as {censored}. I have leopard installed on a ibook g4 1.33 1.25gb ram and it is noticeable slower than tiger. If your g3 is a power mac g3 and you have a decent video card than maybe but i doubt your machine will work very well, if at all.