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    Radeon HD 6310M IGP.....any ideas?

    My device ID specs matched yours with MSI X370. Here is what appears with GraphicsEnabler=Yes key using Chameleon v2 rc5 726: Chipset Model: Unknown Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: Slot-1 PCIe Lane Width: x0 VRAM(Total): 512 MB VENDOR: ATI(0x1002) Device ID: 0x9802 Revision ID: 0x0000 Rom Revision: 113-B7710C-176 EFI Driver Version: 01.00.318 My setup is also stuck at 1024x768 as the generic ATI driver appears to be loaded by Chameleon. The "Graphics Mode" flag does not affect the desktop res. Here is what I have tried thus far after installing 10.6.3 retail, combo updating to 10.6.7, and installing legacy_kernel: -Obtained ATI kexts from Lion 10.7.2, which includes ATI6000Controller.kext -Edited ATI6000Controller.kext's info.plist to include device ID 0x98021002 under key IOPCIMatch -Installed ATI6000Controller.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext, and ATISupport.kext from 10.7.2 -Booted using GraphicsEnabler=No This yields a black desktop. I am guessing the display port output is the issue here and needs to be edited(?). Any specific suggestions to get this working are appreciated.
  2. drrty byl

    Radeon HD 6310M IGP.....any ideas?

    Bump for any success? Has azimutz added chameleon support yet?
  3. drrty byl

    Radeon HD 6310M IGP.....any ideas?

    Has anyone tried this? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1655159 Definitely wanting to set up an E-350 portable, but not without QE/CI...
  4. drrty byl

    Last Lion Build That Works with Core Duo?

    Yep -- sorry for the spam: it's a seldom used machine and I was think D was the desktop variant of core duo. Too much chip branding... Will try some things and reply here with any success.
  5. I am trying to install Lion on my Intel D945/Pentium D 820 CPU setup. I have removed /System/Library/PlatformSupport.plist from DP build a390, but the system still hangs/black screen at "Loading Darwin x86_64" or similar at the end of the boot dialog. Is it also necessary to supplement boot.efi? Successfully installed Lion with a Core Duo? If so, would you mind sharing the build number and necessary modifications? Thanks in advance.
  6. With the release of the iPhone I started to wonder - Has anyone tried installing OSX on an OQO model 02? I realize these are outfitted with VIA C7M CPUs but perhaps there is a workaround to make this chip functional? I believe this ASUS R2H install dealt with the very same VIA CPU. Given the OQO is over 2.5 times the cost of an iPhone, this device would arguably be a great deal more functional and supersede most of the iPhone's limitations. For one thing, phone calls could be made much more cheaply via an EV-DO network subscription using skype rather than being locked into a crappy 2-year deal with at&t, not to mention the much faster internet connection. Secondly, the unit could actually be used as a computer/content creation device rather than simply a mobile phone/music player.
  7. drrty byl

    MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Released

    It really is a shame that Apple decided to solder rather than socket the CPU to the board on the Macbook Pro. But I guess it's what we can expect from a hardware company trying to pedal a slightly newer generation of hardware to its devotee fan base. It's easy to push the new Core 2 Duo machines to the enthusiasts out there and pressure them into upgrading by selling hardware that is not upgradeable. Are those of you dumping your Core Duo machines and "upgrading" to the Core 2 Duo units planning to switch over to the Core 4 Duo computers in eight or ten months for another $2500? No wonder Apple continues to hedge its business on the development of proprietary hardware rather than licensing its OS..
  8. drrty byl

    Windows Vista

    Apple needs to release OS X (or its replacement) for non-Apple hardware as a separately branded product if they ever hope to compete with Microsoft's OS market share. This way Apple wouldn't risk losing hardware sales to clones and could offer the mainstream computer market a Microsoft OS alternative ("mainstream" being those that aren't wealthy enough to buy new Apple hardware). And as someone else mentioned previously -- Apple would really have a shot at hurting Microsoft's dominance if its OS had a compatibility layer that allowed MS-compiled apps to be run natively. (Hopefully they'll dump a bunch of money into Wine)
  9. drrty byl

    Slick hackintosh cases

    Watch out for microBTX os x86 compatible boards like the one I have running (intel gcz945). There are barely any microBTX cases out and most are really expensive for what they are.
  10. Keep your current setup -- you won't get much money for it and you'll miss it later. Search ebay for for iMac deals or exploit a college Apple store for a discount if you have access to one. I got my MBP 15.4"/100gb hd/1gb ram/2ghz for $1600 new on ebay.. That's the kind of deal you can get if you hunt long enough. Oh, and if you do go ebay -- don't get scammed!
  11. drrty byl

    Linux Distributions

    I'm a fan of puppy linux for older machines. I have it installed on a decrepit Thinkpad 390e with a 333mhz pII , 192mb ram, and a 6gb hd and it flies like it has 10x those specs
  12. I wonder how long they will continue to offer sources like that. You have to admit -- it's a pretty smart move to get even more people interested in mac os. Sort of leads one to think that maybe the cracking of intel os x was orchestrated by apple to get a free development testbed.
  13. drrty byl

    Macbook 1.83 or macbook 2.0

    Maybe throw down a little more cash for a mbp for a tighter case and a bigger screen? Or go to Fry's and get a Great Quality laptop with a pentium D for $500 and install osx?
  14. Apple could do well to retail the os for intel clones if they branded it separately from the whole "superior hardware"/"lifestyle hardware" programme. Maybe it could be the equivalent of that lower-end windows xp released for developing countries whose populations can't afford full-blown windows and where everyone just pirates. Let's face it -- Apple will never exceed 20% of the os market share when the mac os is only available to run on computers that sell for a considerable amount even in wealthy parts of the world. That is of course, unless hordes of people begin illegally installing os x on generic boxes And then of course Apple will just be missing out on money they could have made selling install DVD licenses..
  15. I wonder how long they will continue to offer sources like that. You have to admit -- it's a pretty smart move to get even more people interested in mac os. Sort of leads one to think that maybe the cracking of intel os x was orchestrated by apple to get a free development testbed.