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  1. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    *EDIT* Pin 20 is disabled. The card was working fine until I used protos CD and installed the modifications to the EFI and extensions. I had everything working in OSX until I reboot after doing that, now i have everything but WiFi. it is not recognizing my card as an airport card. It does recognize it with Snow leopard retail install. I used netbook maker to make my USB. But everyone else has it working in Snow Leopard Vanilla. So the netbook maker shouldnt be the case. Its something with the wireless kext that got fudged in protos install...am i supposed to move it to /Volumes/EFI/System/Library/Extensions with the others or just keep it in S/L/E off the root? So anyone have any ideas on how i can get my Dell Wireless 1395 card to work? It was working before i used the EFI partition. I should be in snow leopard ootb. I know I asked before but I really need this working as next week i am going overseas and wont have access to a computer. * I did research. The dell wireless 1395 does work in snow leopard without any modifications. With Protos update cd it somehow changed the wireless kext so it doesn't work anymore. Can someone upload the snow leopard retail wireless kext so i can readd it and see if i can get it working? *
  2. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I tried installing with netbookmaker and when i did the EFI partition with the bootcd from proto i lost my wireless access >.< I run a DW 1395. I am not sure why i lost it. Im still not sure why i can boot off bootcd and snow leopard starts loading but errors out. I used the exact disk to make my bootable netbookmaker snow usb drive. **** MY main concern is getting the DW 1395 back up and running. After I ran the Setup from proto it stopped working. Either it was Out of the box or from Netbook installer. Every resource ive looked at said it was out of box. Was there anything you changed in loading Proto, where the Broadcom kext is not loaded. The DW1395 is Broadcom 4315 i believe. *****
  3. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Ok. I am stumped. I am using the BootCD GA from the post. I put it in, and swap it for the MAC OSX CD RETAIL SNOW. It starts by loading HFS+ Drivers and such, but then it gets to USBF: and it errors out many times. Then says waiting for root device. I had this machine working with netbookinstaller and I was looking to make the switch to EFI. Was hoping someone could give me a hand, been checking through the forum i did not see anything but then again there were 34 pages. So if someone could help me or point me in the right direction that would be great PS im running F 04, using bootcd GA via CD. And a snow leopard retail OSX cd 10.6.0. I have a HP Mini 311-1025NR. The dvd rom is usb, and thats the only thing i can think of that would be stalling it. I will try usb when i get home.
  4. HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (Part II - CURRENT)

    Lights out. This is a known issue. Mowgli stated it somewhere up above. But anyways have fun with your sound
  5. HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (Part II - CURRENT)

    Oh yeah. It must be a kext from netbookmaker. The SL install was made on usb with netbook install disk. hmm.. so which kext would it be? the 80211family kext? Im using Dell 1495. Its been working with every update until i tried the 1.5 installer Edit in full slot sorry Proto sorry about the confusion before. It was a kext working with the netbookbootmaker and retail snow leopard disk i created a usb with - the wireless worked fine. But when i used the 1.5 installer it broke it somehow. Which kexts controls the airport card so i can try to get it from the netbookbootmaker files and insert it into the /Volumes/EFI/System/Library/Extensions
  6. HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (Part II - CURRENT)

    Ok I kind of have dual boot running. But the wireless on my OSX side is not reading. keeps saying airport card not installed. Im nhot sure if this is after dual boot or when i installed the installer 1.5v. Airport does work on snow leopard install disk. But it does not work when logged into the system. Proto.. did you change anything in 80211family.kext... (not sure if this is the file but i assume it is). It has been working vanilla until either the dual boot modification or the 1.5 installer.
  7. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    EDIT!!! After installing snow perfectly, can boot efi. I go to install Windows. I format the FAT partition and install. I get no error message regarding boot sector. Win7 boots from main screen now. So I select partition 1 (EFI) as active and i get no operating system. I know im doing something wrong... Seems like windows is installing over my EFI partition Im not getting this error... after install you get some error (the boot loader dont see nothing ) dont panic EDIT ok I Can boot to OSX using snowleopard CD but then my windows boot is not going through. It seems like the EFI or the Win7 boot... so i reinstalled EFI and I just noticed that i do not have wireless on snow(No wireless card installed) --- Works on vanilla. I have been using the 1.5RC installer. Im not sure if i messed it up with the installer, updating bios to f04 or dual boot. It does read the airport and card in the OSX CD.
  8. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I got snow booting fine from the EFI partition but after i install win7 it installs fully. Do i delete the FAT partition so i can format with NTFS to install? It wont let me install on fat partition. Also after installing, i put active back to EFI partition and i get "Missing Operating System" Not sure what im doing wrong, i fully followed Max's post to dual boot.
  9. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hello, (EDIT) I have gotten everything running but unsure on how to get the update 10.6.2 so i can use the new RC. After I put back the kernel and reboot my machine gets stuck going from an HP loop and doesnt boot. I just reinstalled the OS and im unsure how to update to 10.6.2. The only issue I had from 10.6.0 is the sleep issue. I kept getting a KP upon waking. Also what is the quickest way to get dual boot. Ive tried several ways but i keep messing up my system and having to reinstall. I install using netbook maker. ----EDIT----- Ok saw the guide up above to use 311.sh and stuff. Everytime i run the updater that i downloaded from the link it tells me "This volume does not complete the requirements for this update. Not sure what im missing. Do i have to go to 10.6.1 first?
  10. 6.0.2 SL

    (wrong place)
  11. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I have been following the technical Support thread since the late month of october. I have been running the Mini 311 and have successfully got everything installed besides sound and HDMI port. (I see you are working keep up the good work ^^) What I am inquiring about is that the Mini seems to be running very slow during HD Videos. Is this the nature of the NVenabler kext or is it an issue with my configuration. I have the 3 gigs of ram. Everything runs fine except video. Even the start video for 10.6 is laggy. Is it because I do not have Quartz Extreme enabled? If so, could you give me some advice on how to get that enabled? I am not quite sure outside of OSX86 Tools. Thanks guys!