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  1. ShaDoW-DeMoN

    Getting an OSX86 distro for HP g6-1b70us

  2. So i tried searching for which OSX86 base and drives to use and i have comed up with nothing, doesn anyone have any suggestions so i can run a base of OSX86 and make my drivers fuction properly. Sound: ITD High Definition Audio.
  3. ShaDoW-DeMoN

    Problems with Kalyway

    i see but, i also tried iATKOS v7 but it freezes after the apple logo when booting the disk, in a light blue screen, what other distro's i can try
  4. ShaDoW-DeMoN

    Problems with Kalyway

    So i downloaded Kalyway iso, i burned it, and when i try to load it freezes on some kinds of black screen with letters on it, here pics Dell Inpiron 630m Intel Pentinum M 1.74 GHz 1GB of RAM DDR2