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    ALC888 100% in Snow Leopard x64

    Oh...I really don't get it. I have an alc888 (but 7.1, I don't know if that is a problem) and first time that I installed those kext and restarted the devices appeared correctly at the preferences pane, but no sound was coming out of the speakers. So I restarted my PC in windows to see if there were any problem with the speakers, but in windows they worked just fine. But when I booted in mac os again the devices stopped appearing in the preference pane and the audio MIDI setup doesn't open. Anyone have any idea? Edit: I discovered that the problem with audio MIDI setup was the aggregate profile that I made to join the channels, I deleted that and now the program works fine again. But still no audio...
  2. Lira

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Also needing help here. I followed the f41qu3 tutorial to make boot-132 and made a disk with .ISO original with project kexts, but I changed the boot file for the patched one and added the dsmos.kext and NVkush.kext. Now when I try to boot, after loading Darwin/x86 with a vanilla mac OSX DVD, I receive the msg: Attempting to determine CPU Multiplier. If system reboots, RDMSR 198h causes a fault. Determined CPU:FSB multiplier to be 0 CPU says its multiplier is 0 wich makes no sense. The kernel as shipped by apple will not support this and will cause the machine to reboot immediately. Press 'y' to continue or use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to reboot As expected by the msg, when I press 'y' the system reset. Anyone knows any kext recommended for me or anything else that could help me?
  3. Hum...I tested to boot without the dsdt.aml file and yes, the error is gone. But after a while the computer just shut down. It appears that you have to use the dsdt patch in the computer that will be the hackintosh, but how I will patch it without already running the mac os?
  4. I didn't even know that this was possible! I will try that. Actually I tried with the boot file made by Netkas, V10.3 and later V10.1, but I don't remember if I tried with the original of this post.
  5. After trying to install snow leopard via USB and failing miserably, I tried to follow this tutorial and I still have the same problem. My system is somewhat like the Spiteful Monkey (i7 950, with 9gb ddr3 and geforce GTX 850). But I bought a gateway, looks like the motherboard is one specific made by them. The problem is that everytime I try to boot in chameleon I receive this screen: I already checked if sata is in AHCI mode, and they are, I also tried chameleon RC3, added the graphics enabler into boot.plist, and tried to re-install the BSD.pkg via my original mac, but I just got this screen everytime. My guess is maybe a problem with the dsdt.aml, but I tried using the program that generates one of the tutorial package. Anyone have any idea that could help, please?