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  1. Sirlou, I ened up having some issues with clover and wasn't able to get updated to 10.8.2. I ended up swithcing to Kakewalk since it supports our board and things have been much smoother for me. Sorry, I can't reallly give a whole lot of advise on Clover.
  2. Thanks D-and-W. I'm up and running now. When I tried to run 10.8.2 I couldn't get past the beach ball on the install, so I stepped down to 10.8.0 and it's running great. I'll probably wait until I have more time to commit to upgrade to the latest OS, but for now I'm happy.
  3. Hi, I screwed up on my SN build and decided just to 'go for it with Clover'. I've gotten it installed and it seems pretty solid. Only problem is I don't have sound or Internet. Can you advise with kexts are used to get there? Also, have you found any active forums out there with our build on Mountain Lion? Thanks, Brandon