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  1. Intel Wireless driver

    Still don't see it. . .
  2. Intel Wireless driver

    not to be a dip{censored}, but where is the networkselector for 3945? i can't seem to find it.
  3. Command key on a regular keyboard?

    Alt. Same place as on a Mac.
  4. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    BTW, I tried Don't Query last night, and it works again. =) Don't know why it doesn't respond to *. Thanks Scott.
  5. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    The tablet has stopped being detected. I had played with it shortly in Ink and Sketchbook. I'd also tried to launch Flash. When I was testing Ink, the Finder windows started wigging out (I'd try to move them and they would vibrate between the pen and where they were resting). I turned off Ink, and everything seemed fine. Shortly after Flash crashed, TM stopped seeing my tablet. At one point, I had tested the iwi3945 driver, which created a dummy Airport adaptor (although called Ethernet by System Preferences). The Networking pane mentioned that it now saw a Serial port. It kept working after that. I deleted both 3945 and the network Serial port, and it still doesn't see it. serial0 is still a selectable (and selected) option in TM. I've attached the console log: console.log.2.txt
  6. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Writing to report limited success on a Toshiba r20/r25/m7 series Tablet PC. After hacking the appropriate kext, TabletMagic now detects my tablet. For a while, I was confused: TabletMagic had locked me into 15240x15240 tablet resolution, even though my tablet is 13348x18968. For some reason, there was a setting in the Extras pane that assumed I had that resolution of a tablet. I unchecked the box, and I can now use the full width of my screen. For those of you wondering, there is no pressure sensitivity in Sketchbook Pro; in fact, the cursor doesn't display properly. (It whites over anything it crosses until the screen refreshes. This takes a while, making it nearly impossible to use this app). I couldn't get Flash 2004 to launch, and I don't have my Photoshop disc on me to test with. Thanks Scott for all your hard work on TM and to Paringas for finding the Serial driver. I'll keep you posted on my findings. Sam I Am (Not)
  7. I have previously tried the 10.4.6 DVD to install on my Toshiba tablet (10.4.4 + 4.5 and 4.6 patches). I was able to get sound and networking to work, but not the tablet or wireless. It frequently kernel panicked (Local APIC Error) and was wiped from my system. With all the progress made since then, I thought I'd try to get my Mac back again. I acquired the JaS 10.4.8 DVD. I also patched my BIOS to 3.1.0 (available from Toshiba Canada). To suppress kernel panics, I turned off one core, CPU sleeping, and Dynamic Switching. The CPU speed is Always Low and Cooling Method Maximizes Cooling. One page 2, Setup is done for All Devices. I started the DVD with the -x-f switches. I installed the Base System, Intel kernel, and the Azalia and PowerManagement patches. I also reenabled everything in my BIOS. It runs fine, except networking doesn't work. I modified the IONetworking>Plugins>Intel8255x>Info.plist to include 0x10928088 and did this to install my Realtek 262 HD Audio. It panicked when I restarted. I slowed down my BIOS settings and -x-f'ed. It started in Safe Mode. I restarted (with my BIOS at full throttle) and my devices still don't work. The Wacom tablet is now detected thanks to TabletMagic and this kext hack. It was way misaligned at first. I had to go into the Extras tab and uncheck the box that locks it down to 15240x15240. In summary: Used to work in 10.4.6: Intel Pro/100 VE (Intel8255x.kext) NOW WORK!: Wacom tablet (TabletMagic & Apple16X50ACPI.kext (WACF004)) Still work: Speakers on Realtek 262 HD (AppleAzaliaAudio.kext & trash AppleHDA.kext) Still don't work: Intel 3945abg (iwi3945.kext from Google Code) Headphone jack (and presumably Microphone jack) Fingerprint reader SD Card slot BTW, osX86 broke Vista booting. I repaired it from the Vista DVD, then put Chain0 in C:\Boot\ with Debug as per the wiki. Then I made the following BCD entry: Drive: C: Path: \Boot\Chain0 I can run Mac or Windows from the Vista boot loader.
  8. Osx on Toshiba Satellite A-100 153

    i don't remember which kext it was, but there is one that has 0x80801091 in it and you have to add 0x80801092 to get ethernet to work.
  9. New Install - Login Window doesn't launch

    I figured out how to add networking. The kext you patch is in the IONetworking Plugins Folder. Intel 8255x.kext. Add 0x10928080 (0x10918080 is the current value). Posted from Safari =D Damn I miss my stylus. I gotta get the tablet working. . .
  10. New Install - Login Window doesn't launch

    Wow. You guys are fast! In the time I've been away I've been trying to install without 4.6. I am getting panics on install (it happened this morning once too). I'm gonna give it a rest and then try again in a bit. For the record, I had already read about the monitor trick and tried it on my first install. It didn't help, but thanks for the thought. (It was just mirroring - makes sense as the edges of my screen were also my cursor bounds)
  11. So I'm on a Toshiba r25 tablet. It's almost identical to a MacBook, except with a 1600 Mhz Core Duo and an Intel 3945 wireless card. I was getting an APIC error on install, but I disabled just about everything in my TBIOS (hold ESC) and got it to install. I had to make my own kernel (mach_kernel with the base patch installed) in order to keep it from going black and then restarting on startup. Now, I can get to the blue desktop with a working cursor, but the "Starting Mac OS X" dialog never appears. I have used the Owned patch with no print drivers, the Italian language pack, and the 10.4.5/6 patches. I originally had tried to install with the SSE3 kernel, but I ran into this wall. I figured that the hangs on startup had caused loginwindow to corrupt, and it didn't know to launch because their were no user accounts. I reinstalled without the SSE3 kernel and built my own, but I still have this problem. I am thinking about installing from my restore DVD with the Maxxuss instruction set, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Anyone know why it would stop startup here? I may also try patching loginwindow myself. Thanks! Sam I Am Not