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  1. i think i got the wrong section, it's off topic of this sub-forum... sorry..(non-hardware problems) how should i delete the post? Hp DV6 series DV6708TX i installed iAtkos v7 10.5.7... now, software update to 10.5.8 the system is working out of the box...except some hardware problems... Not working well: Audio - -i installed VoodooHDA for audio... -i got sound, both speaker and headphone jacks, but need to change manually for headphone...(that's not a big deal yet) -the big problem is the sound quality is so bad! Also ... noise sound at the beginning of the playing songs... for this problem...what should i do?...need to reinstall the driver or change another audio driver? Webcam - -the system detect the hardware, hp webcam...when i turn on the cam...the cam light up, but no image come out... (i think that problem is not fixed yet, i search everywhere) Not working: - Wireless - Card reader Strange problems: The Optical DVD drive sometimes ran itself within seconds --At least the audio should work well...(in win7 the audio rocks) if the audio work! i could ignore the other problems using this wonderful OSX. someone please give me some advise on this... many thanks! ... Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x103C30CC seems like > Realtek ALC268
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    雲南人 在台灣!
  4. Long Boot Time

    i also have the same problem... and i'm also running dual boot (Windows 7 & iDeneb v1.5.7) Boot up time- Windows 7 : about 1 minute! iDeneb v1.517 : about 10~minutes and still full CPU usage is running for 15 minutes at start up! later, i found out that it's the "kernel task" is running above 90% on CPU i search all over the web, still no perfect yet!...it's kind of the kernel/CPU problem, i guess~? .......................... My SPECs CPU: P4 775 PRESCOTT 630 3GHZ HT L2-2M MB : MSI P965 NEO2 VGA: PCI-E NV 9400GT 1GHZ RAM: DDR2-800 2G + DDR2-667 1G HD : WD SATA 160G
  5. Wow! Finally, i succeeded installing OSX86 on my pc (times uncountable XD...) Every time i installed OSX86, i always get Kernel Panic! so afraid of Kernel... the most important of succeed installing is that i choose the kernel 9.7.0 Qoopz i chose Voodoo 9.5 that failed! always got Kernel Panic. Now, i still got some strange problem... long start up time [apple logo about 3 mins & black screen about 8 mins...] when the OS start, it CPU usage is almost full and sometimes squeeze , but after passing about half an hour, the OS runs so smooth! PC CONFIG CPU: P4 775 PRESCOTT 630 3GHZ HT L2-2M MB : MSI P965 NEO2 VGA: PCI-E NV 9400GT 1GHZ RAM: DDR2-800 2G + DDR2-667 1G HD : WD SATA 160G After using awhile, i found that the kernel task is running more than 90%! How should i fix this?
  6. disable the Hyper threating function on BIOS. It worked for me!
  7. i installed successfully...? not really... Config: Intel Prescott 630 3.0GHz 775 MSI P965 Neo2 NV 9400GT 1G DDR2 800 2G WD 160G i disabled the HT (Hyper-Threading) in Bios it takes about 5 mins in spinning with Apple logo... it also takes about 5 mins in black screen... the OS up! And i was making the start registering things... but it wouldn't take so long and here comes the Kernel Panic!. (the system was not so smooth) somtimes just smooth and fine, but it never too long... My Config in OSX, And it does not detect my network card and DVD ROM Network must be �€� Realtek® RTL8110SC (where can i get this? and how to install...?) Someone pls help me! thanks a lot~ this is my 8th times of installing OSX86...and it is worth it, i did it at last...for the first step? LOL...
  8. I also have the same problem! i'm also installing in "Pentium 4 HT Prescott SSE3 3GB" it seem like not compatible with the CPU...? i already tried in iPC & iDeneb, didn't work! After that , my mianboard's Bios crashed, couldn't install probably other OS. (Windows 7 or Ubuntu)
  9. Oop! it's not working though. F8 -f load... white screen with apple logo restart
  10. ok thanks, let me try this...
  11. i just did it~ the screen loads like the step of installing... and the system restart! i also try... -v,-v cpus=1, -v -x -y cpus=1 it's almost the same and keep the system restart after loading ... if i don't type anything in and let it boot automatically... the screen stop response at the white background with apple logo. Now, i just installed Ubuntu (that's why i can browse this forum LOL), and i can still see the partition of Mac OSX... in that case, is it possible to dual boot? if not, it doesn't matter.... i just prefer iPC.
  12. I just installed iPC OSX86 10.5.6 and it was installed successfully. Restart... | \ / Darwin boot loading.... the white background with Apple logo stopped like this and no response the NumLock is also no response and my System case's LED is also off but the system is still running My PC: CPU- P4 630 3.0G MB - MSI P965 Neo2 HD - WD 160G RAM -2G+1G VGA - Nvidia 9400GT Many thanks!