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  1. no airport drivers found

    fixed it... installed with nothing but the amd option selected NO THING ELSE AT ALLLL! hope this helps others now its just ethernet and nvidia drivers lol -zack-
  2. no airport drivers found

    i can install PERFECTLY no hassle at all and then it booted and then stalled... so i had it boot with verbose and well it stalls after it outputs the line No Airport Drivers found... this is wierd and unneccessary cause i dont want airport drivers... is there i fix for this i looked around and nothing has come up... i really need this to work lol. and i dont even have a wireless card. -zack-
  3. using my x86 mac for recording

    i record my bands and well windows is being a {censored} lately and i am wanting to use my firewire based mixer with mac os x only software... is this a good idea or will i just be bringing on the errors?? -zack-

    so does this mean i would have to pull my card when booting or just that i cant use both cards together... if i have to pull the card is there anyway i can avoid this with like turning sli off in bios or something. -zack-
  5. dsl i was hoping that got listed lol small as {censored}
  6. so i know i can use knoppix but i dont feel like downloading it... is there a small live distro that any of you know of that i can use. -SpiritSlayer-
  7. HELP!

    so i have my mac osx jas version and i goes through most of the installation im doing all the steps correctly but not to far into the installation i get an error that says there was an error in the installation and then tells me to restart... ive burned two copies of the dvd... does anyone know why im getting these errors. -SpiritSlayer-