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  1. Hi I have been banging my head for days. I have Partitions of Lion that worked until I wiped my chameleon bootloader on a USB stick that was loading these working lion partitions. I was focused on the best bootloader…. After much trial, I think simply usinging Chameleon wizard to extract DSDT finally fixed it. but I still need to boot with npci=0x3000 and PCURootUID=1 but It's 64 bit Do those boot flags affect anything?
  2. Awesome simple Install Process. Seemed to work fine with 10.7.5 install dmg. Another Cartri 08 bios user thinking of flashing back to Gigabyte Bios. With Cartri Bios I was able to get 10.6 to see audio with LegacyHDA that Cartri suggested. This was on my "boot" file chameleon partition RC5 I had another partition with 10.6.8 that doesn't see Audio chipset. rrrr I'm using this for a Pro Tools rig so I don't need onboard audio anyways. Thanks for the Thread.!