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  1. Hi I have been banging my head for days. I have Partitions of Lion that worked until I wiped my chameleon bootloader on a USB stick that was loading these working lion partitions. I was focused on the best bootloader…. After much trial, I think simply usinging Chameleon wizard to extract DSDT finally fixed it. but I still need to boot with npci=0x3000 and PCURootUID=1 but It's 64 bit Do those boot flags affect anything?
  2. Awesome simple Install Process. Seemed to work fine with 10.7.5 install dmg. Another Cartri 08 bios user thinking of flashing back to Gigabyte Bios. With Cartri Bios I was able to get 10.6 to see audio with LegacyHDA that Cartri suggested. This was on my "boot" file chameleon partition RC5 I had another partition with 10.6.8 that doesn't see Audio chipset. rrrr I'm using this for a Pro Tools rig so I don't need onboard audio anyways. Thanks for the Thread.!
  3. I am tempted to cut the 30V wires on a FW cable to see if it still works. But I don't care for loosing $200
  4. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Hi zxspectrum. I am trying to set up a ep45T-UD3lr with M-Audio Profire lightbridge but its not recognizing it. Do you have any sugestions? I had no problem with my ep45-UD3R with PCI process cards. Did you have any tricks to get your UD3LR working? ---Resolved----- It recognizes it, but the sync to an HD ststem seems to be about 300 samples or 8 ms behind
  5. How to update to and work with Chameleon 2.0

    Thanks for your help. Honestly I can't remember which commands I used, but I do recall doing the process twice and realizing the second time around there were subsections for MBR and GUID.
  6. How to update to and work with Chameleon 2.0

    I guess I could erase and repartition the HD. Then do I just need to make sure that I don't enter in those commands?
  7. How to update to and work with Chameleon 2.0

    Great guide. It saved my but. but now I have an disk labeled EFI on my desktop Any advice?
  8. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    That heatsink may be a problem. IMHO gigabyte with cartri's bios is the only way to go. check out the Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G and buy a few in case. I have a quite stable system with PCI core and process cards. I got into HaX because I wanted to save $7k and my old G5 was a dog. I had some kernal panics, but I think they were Network related. My system is in my signature.
  9. Working like a charm for me. We should make a package that installs these 10.6.1 kexts. Thanks a plenty.
  10. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Maybe you should use the correct or supported OS like 10.5.8 up to 10.6.2. -maybe even try PT 7.4.2
  11. Boot0: MBR Boot0: Done screen Help!

    Make sure your BIOS points to the correct startup Disk.
  12. Boot0 MBR Boot0 Done

    Did you try specifying the correct boot drive in your bios?
  13. After seeing this work with Bonjour and then being dropped on restart, I realized that this NIC is not being recognized by the BIOS. The NIC is recognized by OS 10.5.8 only when during BIOS posting you will see a message posted by the Sonnet card to enter it's utility. When the BIOS does not post this Sonnet message, the OS does not see the card. Then you reset BIOS CMOS and you are back in bussiness for 1 to maybe 5 restarts. It's strange. It seems something happens to the BIOS upon entering the OS to keep the MB from seeing the card. IRQ Conflict maybe? OS corrupting the BIOS? Do any Wizards have any idea? BTW I am using realtek R1000 kext.
  14. realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E GIGABIT ethernet nic

    what card is this?