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  1. Followup from my network card test: no joy. For the record, the Dynamode NC-1000TX-G does not work with this installation. And adding it messed up my onboard enet ports, as well. I had to start from the beginning on the lifehacker guide (with the network card out of the picture) in order to get back to a working 10.6. Do you think that patching the DSDT will work to get Time Machine running? If so, how do I do it?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I just today purchased a pci network card. Let's see if this makes the difference.
  3. Thanks for this post - it's nice to hear someone ask if anybody has any questions! I think I'll take you up on that offer! I also followed the lifehacker guide with the same core system specs, except I'm using the onboard ethernet ports on the motherboard. Everything is running smoothly...EXCEPT: Time Machine does not function. It counts down to the next backup, but as soon as it reaches zero it just starts the countdown over again without making the backup. It seems that so many people have had similar issues with Time Machine after installing 10.6 on a UD3P, but I've yet to find claims that anybody has solved the issues. There are many suggestions out there, but I don't know which one to follow. One of the suggestions involves DSDT patching. Do you think this would solve my issue? I'm willing to try, but I really need to be talked through the process. I've read some of the instructions for patching DSDT, but they tend to assume a lot of knowledge that I don't think I have. Can you tell me where I would start with this process? Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
  4. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Could somebody please point me towards a solution to a non-working Time Machine? I'm running 10.6.1, and when Time Machine is told to "Back Up Now" it immediately just starts counting down again to the next backup. I've followed the Lifehacker guide for the EP45-UD3P and have the hardware listed for that guide, and the rest of my system is apparently working just fine (as far as I can tell after a couple days). However, Time Machine simply will not make a back-up. Any ideas? Please please please???
  5. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Used this guide for my UD3P board and have everything working except Time Machine. When I select "backup now" it acts like it is starting, but then just starts counting down to the next backup. So many people have reported the same problem after following many different guides, but I've yet to find a common solution. I was hoping to avoid the wild goose chase of these potential fixes (which don't come from users of the Lifehacker guide that I followed) and find someone who followed this guide who got Time Machine working after initially having it not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The more detailed the better, as I'm quite new at this!!