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  1. If I don't go wrong snow leo too couldn't be booted with existent bootloaders when it first came out. It took like, 3 weeks from the official release to have a working bootloader.
  2. Mrjanek, I would just want to notify you that with the last Kakewalk release disk icons are still orange with ex58-ud3r. Of course not a problem, it's only a kext to add, but I thought you would like to know.
  3. did you delete the old dsdt and kext before reinstalling the new ones?
  4. perfex,the answer to your problems is a few post older than yours.
  5. yep, using it right now with no glitches. the mouse still has problems with my i7 hack, using another dongle. Still have to try swapping them.
  6. Hi, Ihad the same problem as you. I have to mention that the problem in my opinion is dongle related. I have 3 hacks and it only does it with one dongle. The problem issimilar to yours, it slow down a tad for 2 or 3 secs. If you do a quick search on google you'll find out this magic mouse thing is a problem we have in common with stock macs...
  7. I reply to correct myself: dsdt for ex58-ud3r working perfectly, it correctly uses 8 cores on i7 920. For me kakewalk is working from a chameleon separate partition. Thanks.
  8. Just as a matter of information, with the dsdt included in your bootloader, my sl installation only see one core on my i7 920, using a ex58-ud3r. How can I work it out to gain all the cores, wich I believe is 8? Thanks. ps: I will donate for this to work, to thank you for your help.
  9. yep, I couldn't do a fresh install with the legacy iso, on a ep45-ds3l
  10. Hi guys, I triedto do afresh installation with the legacy iso on an ep45-ds3l but the installation won't start, it boots but it stops with a "no access" icon on the grey apple. I currently run osx on this board with blackosx installation method. What am Idoing wrong? System can boot with the bootloader installed on a usb stick though. Thanks for any reply in advance
  11. Would you please send it to me? I would be grateful. Tnx
  12. Hi mrjanek, first of all thanks for the bootloader, I managed to use it with a 965p-dq6 too, the system started without problems. Now I am using it on a ex58-ud3r and it works well. I have 2 questions, pardon me if I am a noob. I used to put chameleon bootloader in a separate partition, to keep my system clear and to be able to change my hardware only modifying my cham partition. Now, to be able to use the new hardware fast I just copied your dvd into my cham partition (wich I think is something unusual/lame), and it boots wonderfully, with all the hardware otb, but, I wanted to know if this is a fully functional solution. The second question is: Would you please consider making an installable version of your bootloader for separate bootloaders partitions? I tried to add voodoomonitor.kext in preboot.dmg but it's not working. It might work installing your kexts in the boot disk partition, but I would rather not do it. If you need a donation for this just let me know. Thanks