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  1. Hardware Suggestions?

    No one has any thoughts? Something to mention about the motherboard. I'm happy to spend a bit extra on it but I'm not looking to break the bank. Just worth noting
  2. Hardware Suggestions?

    Hey all, New here but I've been browsing around the OSX86 communities trying to get the hang of putting together a hackintosh ever since I bought my first Mac just over a year ago. My Macbook has served me well but now I'm looking for something with a little more power and expandability to use with Logic and to get some games running when I boot into windows. Basically, I'm looking for some help filling in the gaps I've got with the hardware list I'm putting together. Here's what I've got so far: CPU: Intel Core i5-760 GPU: Either a nVidia 460 or 470gtx (Do these even work fully in OSX yet? - If not I'm open to suggestions even on the ATI side) Mobo: See Below RAM: Don't suppose this matters too much, I just want 4GB for now and this can be selected after a motherboard is chosen. Obviously there will be other parts but these are the main ones I'm looking for help with. Ok, so regarding the motherboard. I'm not gonna be too specific here. I just want one that works well with Snow Leopard and won't be too much trouble getting everything working. As long as it's a 1156 socket, has 4 RAM Slots and has adequate expansion. I don't care too much about SLI/Crossfire whatever as I have a feeling that the i5 would be a bottleneck if I try that and to be honest, I don't really need it. If the motherboard you suggest has any kind of guide to installing Snow Leopard on it (forum threads whatever), that would be very helpful for you to include. I've probably missed some stuff off here so If I have just let me know and I look forward to any suggestions you guys have. Many Thanks, Jay