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  1. ML GM Install Black Screen

    Could you post on how you done this? sorry still a n00b learning.
  2. Trying to install ML GM, my system is i5 760 Asus P7P55D-E Pro nVidia 550ti Im getting a black screen after showing the apple boot screen. I think its a video problem have tried the following graphicsenabler=no/yes both options don't do anything. Any tips
  3. Hi there, im looking at rebuild a new OSX system, and il amazed to not find a sort of hardware list to buy for a for working out of the box system. i dont care about looking around and trying to find out what works and what doesnt, but i more talking about a sort of price range list to buy i.e. 500NZD (Basic) Case Motherboard CPU Memory Video Wireles Hard Drive Optiocal Drive Case 1000NZD...... (Basic and Some Windows Gaming) and so on maybe we could get a togethter to get a sort of idea of what works out of the box the easyest and best. Also might be best have AMD and Intel part, just looking for a easyer way to build a machine to run OSX86
  4. nVidia GTX460

    about to rebuild my OSX86 System with Parts i have, and i have a GTX460 and wanting to know if i can use this on OSX86 Machine, (Intel). i have found posts about it, but no one has said it works or doesnt.
  5. Creative Open-Sources Their X-Fi Driver

    any updates on this, i have a Creative sound blaster x-fi titanium pci-e and there looks like there some support....
  6. booting into blue screen

    Thanks for that so simple but i never thought about doing so. I pluged it into another DVI port and away she went!
  7. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    can anyone please tell me if this is a 100% working in snow leopard? wishing to get wireless, with little no issues. Thanks
  8. Hey there, i have a working install of Snow Leopard 10.6.0, but when i boot into my new OSX i get just a blue screen, if i log out, command+shift+q i get the login screen, i then log in and everything works fine. Does anyone else get this problem and if so is there something my missing SPECs Gigabyte G31M-ES2L rev1.* E6300 @ 3.8Ghz 2Gigs DDR2 800 Nvidia GTX 260+ 20Gig SATA Drive (upgrading to 1TB) thanks
  9. gforce 5500 no QE CI not supported HELP!

    sorry but this is a bit of the topic, but what is QE/CI. i have just install leopard 10.5.7 with my GTX 260 working, and alot of people said it wasnt possiable, and if it works it would be software based? I wish to know wht QE/CI are and how to find out if its working on my system?
  10. PCI Express NIC

    Been lookin around for a PCI Express NIC, that works out of the box! could anyone please give me some ideas
  11. Hey there, you will need to go into the Disk Utility, sorry can remember the name, i think its in options, and format the partition to osx format, i think its ext3. you need to do this so you can see the partition to install onto. after format, close and the install should startup again, and show you the OSX partition.
  12. just got my first osx86 working and looking for a new board, was lookin @ this board "ASUS P5Q SE2" has anyone got this board, working out the box? or could you recommend me a board that works out of the box. @ the moment im using Gigabyte G31M-ES2L, with a PIC Nic.