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  1. VMware Fusion help with kernel panic

    I had the same issue on a 10.5.2 kalyway build with vmware fusion. It did the same with parallels 4. I ended up moving over to Sun's virtualbox for osx with no issues....
  2. Parallels on OSX86 No Mac VM?!

    So far SUNbox works well - have an XP VM running, will load Ubuntu 904 tonight - the virtualization issue I was having is that virtualization wasn't turned on in the BIOS. Go figure... NIck Check your BIOS - my option for virtualization was disabled...
  3. Parallels on OSX86 No Mac VM?!

    Ive got a hackentosh running kalyway 10.5.2 and am in the same boat - both VMware and Parallels 4 both bomb out - Says it's a hardware virtualization issue - anyone know the fix? help!
  4. Hi I'm new to the forum and to OSX - so far I like it and it's real robust!! I've installed the Kalyway 10.5.2 on a Dell D620 - I've got everything working except for sound thanks to the forum!! OK here's my issue - I've installed Vmware Fusion 205 and Parrallel 4 - both fail on creation of a VM regardless of a CD or ISO build. The only error I get that makes sense is "Hardware Virtualization is not enabled" Is there a fix on the Kalyway build to fix this - I'm still searching the web for an answer for this. I really want to run the VM in OSX and not the other way around... Thanks