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  1. nhc

    sound stopped working

    only thing i've had a problem with hardware-wise is the firewire port built into the motherboard has never worked, and my CPU core temps have always read very very hot - up to 80C+. I put on a new CPU cooler along with a layer of arctic silver and and it only brought the temps down 10C or so, and like i said the machine has been humming for 2 years with no problems, so i'm convinced its a faulty reading. So along the lines of "if it ain't broke don't fix it," i'll probably hold off on the DSDT patch (although having firewire work would be nice). Thanks so much for taking the time to help!
  2. nhc

    sound stopped working

    the new kext worked - thanks very much!. As far as the DSDT goes - I looked through the forum and was having a little trouble figuring out exactly what it does? By patching the ACPI will it just make the system generally more compatible with new hardware? Or does it increase stability (i can't remember the last time I had any crash of the OS)?
  3. I just noticed my sound is no longer working. I've been running one of the lifehacker builds for almost 2 years with no problems. I'm not sure if it occurred when i updated to 10.6.8 or not. Any suggestions for troubleshooting steps? when i go to audio settings it says "no device present"
  4. i got this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835186134 although i think it looks like there's a new model out. but i figured for 30 bucks its worth it. installs the same way the intel one does, although its on a much sturdier mounting bracket. but it was nice that i didn't have to tear the computer apart to take out the mother board.
  5. Let us know how this goes. I had the same problem with high core temps, although my machine was not restarting or freezing. But i was reading 92C in the BIOS for the core temp with a system temp of 39C. It took me a half a dozen tries to get the cooler seated correctly (i agree the instructions are miserable, it wasn't until i found a video on youtube of a cpu install that i figured it out) so i thought maybe i had screwed up the thermal paste. while i was ordering some arctic silver from newegg anyway, i went ahead and got a new cooler as well since you can get a decent one for about $30. After replacing the cooler and using the arctic silver, i'm now seeing a core temp of about 51 on initial boot up, which i guess is fine, but under load i'm reading in the upper 60s to low 70s. i was thinking with the new cooler and better thermal grease i'd be down in the 40's. The ambient temp in the room is a little higher than normal (around 80), but i can't imagine that's the culprit here. Maybe my chip/board combo just runs hot. Anyway let us know how you fare with the new board...
  6. i tried reseating the heat sink and immediately upon boot up i'm right back up at 90-99 C, after letting it rest and cool down over night. The thermal compound appeared to be well spread, but will try getting some arctic silver and reseating it. I'm afraid i'm going to do some serious damage to my machine even booting it with the chip running at these temps. I wonder if it could be a sensor problem? I just don't see how the chip can get so hot so fast!
  7. My CPU temps seem to be impossibly high - reading between 87 and 99 C. Is this even possible? The air coming out of the back of the case actually feels quite cool. I opened the case and the heat sink seems to be seated properly on the chip. The BIOS seems to also have automatically set the CPU ratio back to 6x (i believe i had it set at 9x), and my chip is only reading as 2GHz (its a 3GHz chip) when it starts up. I noticed another poster had a similar problem - but it was a improperly seated heat sink. I think mine is on there correctly...
  8. where do you get that from? I bought the exact board from the lifehacker guide. Went straight to his saved wishlist, added it to my cart, and bought it from newegg. Where did you get the idea i was using a different board?
  9. not so fast...for some reason each time i log in, at the log in screen my keyboard and mouse don't work. I have to unplug the usb cable and then plug it back in, then it works. I'm using a macally "apple style" keyboard and an apple (wired) mighty mouse. This just started happening after I ran the kext to get the sound working, per the last part of the lifehacker install guide. Any reason that would have messed up the keyboard?
  10. I'm all set now. went back and did the terminal based approach and everything worked like a charm. Hardest part was running the cat 5e cable through my attic (the crawlspace is tiny and i live in florida and it was...hot) so i could get connected to the internet. But all is well now. Don't know what was wrong with the package file but like i said the terminal approach worked like charm. BTW - There are several folks i noticed who get stuck with at the "Verifying DMI pool data" part. Check your CMOS settings - i've noticed any time you boot up without the bootloader flash drive in CMOS gets reset and for some reason automatically moves your HDD to the top of the list and you have to go back in and change it back to flash drive as the top boot priority....
  11. did you reformat the stick again, or did you just erase it and run through the steps starting with the restore?
  12. Using the lifehacker build exactly, only difference being a hitachi deskstar HDD instead of the WD. Hardware seems fine, as i can run the ubuntu 9.04 live cd. but i can't boot to install osx. when i try to boot off the flash drive, i get: boot1: error any ideas? also - just noticed a post above having a similar problem. i'm also using a kingston 8gb flash drive. is there any chance its the drive? i noticed in another thread someone simply switched from one brand of flash drive to another and it made a difference...