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  1. When I try to run the code snippet listed in single user mode I get an era about being a read only file system.... Anything I can do?? Wish I never tried to install LS Duh, had to mount readwrite. Worked!!! Love you guys.
  2. I just went thru the terminal steps that load on the bootloader.
  3. INSTALLED!!! When I reboot it does want to boot the installer disc though and not the installation...anyone know how I fix that?? If I hit the any key before it autoboots I can choose the installed drive then it errors and i choose it again and it boots. I lied it doesn't error when I choose the installed drive I got confused... How do I default it from the installer to the install?
  4. I just did the manual terminal work from the old lifehacker guide vs the installer app, and I have now booted into SL!!!!! Installing!!! Will post when complete.
  5. I have done that a couple times but I will try again. PS: Win7 installed on the 500GB from DVD without issue. No luck...I don't seem to have any alternate USB devices over 8GB either
  6. It feels to me like it is the Flash drive....it would displease me I ordered them with the newegg order just for this purpose...I dont know if I have anything else that is bigger than 8GB that I can dig up here. I will look.
  7. I am getting stuck on boot at "verifying DMI Pool Data" I have followed the lifehacker guide and my hardware is roughly the same, definitely same mother board. Anyone else run into this? It is pre-booting into SL install. I have yet to get that far. I am using Kingston 8GB flash drive. I have 2 identical ones tried them both. I think the hardware is OK I did boot to a windows 7 RC DVD. FYI: Thumb drive was partitioned with GUID. Also I did run the UD3PSnowLeopard package to the flash drive... Thoughts?? I have a 1.5TB drive and 500GB drive. My plan was to install Win7 on the 500GB drive and SL on the 1.5..so I may just install Win7 on the 500GB drive for now while I wait for input from you folks here. Thanks in advance for any help!