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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Dear all, Is there a complete installation guide of ML onto 1201N in this post? Anyone can give me a hand on pointing out or give me the link to it? Many thanks in advance. GC
  2. [GUIDE] Lion DP1 on Ideapad S10e

    Dear all, Anyone gets a 64-bit version of extensions: _ApplePSController.kext _AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext _VoodooHDA.kext As there are still 2 major outstanding items that I cannot fix on installation Lion GM on my ideapad S10-3c with Atom N475 (core solo supports 64-bit with hyperthreading) Keyboard not functioning after booted into 10.7; Ralink 3090 wifi card not working (only connected to unprotected access point), even after installation of Ralink USB2080 or RT2070 driver and wifi utility. Anyone know which internal 802.11n wifi card works with S10-3c on Lion, as I intend to buy such card from eBay. Someone said those for Dell 1510 will not work!! any idea? Thanks in advance. Golden
  3. [GUIDE] Lion DP1 on Ideapad S10e

    DerRolf, Based on your instructions, I use the GM version of 10.7 (11A550) disk image and edit the OSInstall.mpkg as in your paragraph in blue color, I can install Lion onto my S10-3c successfully, except the following issues: 1. system will have kernel panic whenever restart or shutdown (even during reboot just after Lion installation); 2. on-board Ethernet port not working; 3. built-in wifi not working; (so, there is no entry in my NETWORK system preference) 4. built-in keyboard not working after booting into Mac OSX, still working during booting in dark background in -v mode; 5. my onboard video card GMA x3150 support 800x600 in Lion only, but 1024x768 in Windows 7 Starter (32-bit); I have run repair permission on my booting partition under disk utility, but still cannot fix the problems. Any idea on how to fix the above problem? Thanks a million in advance. PS, adding extensions below from another post of MaLd0n seems fix the problem of restart / Shutdown: NullCPUPowerManagement.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext