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  1. ALC888 No Devices

    Hi, I tried most of these solutions: luciano_frc - didnt work Elad Nava - didnt work kitmac - I didnt see that one, will have a look at that today. Thank you =) rstt - Outdated (?) From 2008 (no SL..as I said, I dont have that much know how..so I thought it might be outdated) atlee - I´d love to keep my System vanilla, so patching DSDT would be a minor try in last instance guaterickie - same like rstt The reason why I started a new thread...well, in most PC support forums I was around the older threads werent looked at. I want to apologize if presuming it for this forum was not correct. Thanks for that another link, will try that today evening. I also tried some findings from toms hackintosh blog. Thank you, Rai =)
  2. ALC888 No Devices

    Cool. You know how to use -> ! Thats really awesome. Why are you so angry? If you would read my first post you would see I USED google. I tried 4 Methods. (3 before my second request in this thread and yesterday the 4th ) I only get different states but no jack recognised. After the try yesterday I have state :888 back again. I deleted HDAEnabler.kext, VoodooHDA.kext AppleHDA.kext I deleted everything what was "old" I did that every single try, to have with every try the same starting situation. I tried several kext´s and nothing worked. I am not that firm with coding or something like that. I can follow instructions...yes...I have technical basic knowledge...yes, but now I am finished with my knowledge. Thats why I asked. Trust me, I am not one of that guys who ask every {censored} without even trying something on my own. I got my system all set up on my own. Tried some kexts and looked for workarounds. I even got my 5.1 upmix without bothering someone else. But now it would be great to get some help from someone who knows a bit more than me about that topic. Thats why I have written down my system components here. Maybe I need some patches according to my hardware, but I havent found something that sounds good. So please, if you want to help, I am glad you tried...if you want to flame....go tell it to the paw
  3. ALC888 No Devices

    Hey, no one got an Idea? =( I have solved the first problem on my own....simple bought a "new" audigy 2 zs.... But anyone has a Hint on how to get the onboard working again? I would need the input.
  4. ALC888 No Devices

    Hi there, I have a serious problem I dont get solved. I am using 10.6.4 so far and everything worked well except for my audio. I used an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro....but the card broke...sound errors...in Win7 and OSX so I removed the card and wanted to start up the internal audio again. I used soundflower and AU Lab for a stereo to 5.1 upmix...just for information. After I have removed the creative card, I had my soundflower devices left in the system settings. After I have removed them (including uninstalling soundflower) I have now no Output nor Input devices. I removed the kxaudio.kext file, and tried every single Solution mentioned here...on how to get the ALC888 working under 10.6.4. The system profiler seems to recognize the Audio Chipset. I also tried the 10.6.2 Rollback method from tonys Blog ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]) I had 3 different States: Intel High Definition Audio :12 / :888 / :0 But still no device to choose as Outputdevice. Maybe someone has a good idea? Ohh my Hardware: Gigabyte GA-P55 UD4 Intel i3 530 NVIDIA GTS 250 (Gainward) 4 GB RAM thanks Rai
  5. Jup, sounds interesting....hope that there will be a solution for i3 processors soon. I just bought a whole new system (except graphic card) just get osX to work. (according to the wiki on osx86project) Now I have a GB-P55 UD4 with a i3 Processor which is not (now) supported. Would be a pity if there will be no solution. I would help to get it to work if I could...but I do not have that knowledge in programming. So just crossing fingers and pray ^^