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  1. Hi koolaidman23, interesting settings parameter "Edit>Preferences>Display" I missed it. But unfortunately that doesn't help us much. In your case I think is pretty similar to mine, 1400x900x32 is a 16:10 resolution like 1280x800x32 I tried, but it seems VMWare (or VESA drive that standard VMWare machine uses) only supports 4:3 resolutions. That's why in your case it tried maximum 4:3 resolution possible for your monitor, that is 1152x864. I guess we have to be satisfied with this until VMWare released its vmware-tools for osx86, which I think highly unlikely -Bast-
  2. Hi koolaidman23, may I ask what version of VMWare are you using, and what ur processor & graphic card ? Just for comparison to mine :censored2: Thx, -Bast-
  3. Best performance please?

    Just tried this, and I can confirm that I've noticed a significant leap of performance under the newest VMWare Player, thx for the tip **Mat** -Bast- P.S: Any other suggestions / tips to enhance performance will also be very welcomed
  4. Hi Big Kahuna, I've tried the newest Free VMWare player von VMWare. While I still can't get the 1280x800x32 resolution, at least I can do a unresized full screen 1024x768x32 view. It's not optimal, but I don't have to see streched icons nonethelss . -Bast-
  5. Hi again Rammjet, thx for the instruction, hmmm, but this means I have to be able to install the OS first, right? Which I haven't been able to yet. Is there a way to modify to install script so they should SKIP to load ApplePS2Controller.kext in installation? Since I do have USB Mouse / Keyboard to begin with the installation. -Bast-
  6. Hi D@NM@C, thanks a lot for the insightful prespective, can you pls tell me how do u exactly remove the ApplePS2Controller.kext ? I've tried looking through this forum on in google, but haven't found any specific instructions on how to do that. Unable to use PS2 keyboard / mouse sucks bad of course But maybe acceptable since I have USB keyboard / Mouse at home. @Storm PS: Thanks mate, I'll try the instruction after I remove the ApplePS2Controller.kext first. -Bast-
  7. Hi all, I've successfully installed OSX 10.4.6 on Vmware 5.0.0 in Windows XP (Yay :-D). But I'd like to change the resolution desirable to my screentype, that is 1280x800x32 instead of the default 1024x768x16 I've tried typing "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32", "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x16" on boot prompt, both failed, the default resolution is displayed instead. I also tried typing in "Graphics Mode"="800x600x32" and it was successful, the OSX window is resized to 800x600. I tried "1280x960x16" another 4:3 resolution but it failed as well. My prediction is VMWare can only display an 4:3 resolution (since 800x500, another 16:10 resolution failed") maximum size of 1024x768. But I read a lot of other success stories that can display OSX in 1280x800x32. Has anyone else succeded in doing this? Did u do any other extra configurations, o yea, I've also typed in this in .the vmx file: svga.maxWidth = "1280" svga.maxHeight = "800" but doesn't seem to help, My Graphic Card is ATI Radeon mobillity 9700 and I'm running on Athlon 64 3700+ Has anyone else tried installing the "vmware-tools" for FreeBSD ? Thank you so much in advance for any of your suggestions :-) -Bast-
  8. Hi Rammjet, Storm I tried it, and it didn't work. I also thought it has nothing to do wih it, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try. Hmmm, any other suggestion where I could do wrong ? -Bast-
  9. Hi Storm. are you SURE that the OSX partition must be logical FAT32? Well, I get nothing to lose on the partition anyway I'm trying it right now, hope this works -Bast-
  10. Hi Rammjet, thx for ur reply what you mean is the "install' button after the blue screen appear right? The problem is I didn't even get there to the blue screen. The snapshop u might've seen was displayed after booting the dvd, right after starting the computer and choosing "-v" for verbose install option. I'd be massively happy if I could even see the install button Thx, -Bast-
  11. Greetings all, I tried doing native installation with OSX 10.4.6 Myrza image on my AMD based Fujitsu Siemens AMILO A 1630 Notebook, and unfortunately, it failed misserably with debug and kernel panic. Oddly enough, I tried using the very same image to install it in VMWare 5, and it went seamlessly well but unfortunately, preety sluggish, that's why I'm very very interested in installing the OS natively. The relevant spec of my notebook: - AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ (Socket 754, ClawHammer, supports SSE, SSE2) - Chipset: iS 755 + SiS SB 963 - Uniwill 258KA0 Mainboard - 1 GB DDR-RAM - 80 GB HDD [Partitioned 20GB NTFS primary WinXP, 15GB Empty for OSX, 55GB FAT32 Logical for Data] - Graphic Card: ATI Radeon mobility 9700 I read about requirement of OSX and it seems to me that my laptop fulfilled the requirement, which also explained y I could do the Vmware install. What I did was pretty simple, I used partition magic to free up space for the new partition, I used diskpart to create an "af" partition (could it be the problem that the OSX partition come AFTER the WinXP partition ?), and then reboot to the OSX install DVD I'm using Myzar OSX 10.4.6 image, I've also tried the JoS version and get the same error message Attached below are the snapshop I made on my monitor explaining the kernel panic, please review it to have more information about the error. Thx a lot for reading, and suggestions / help regarding this problem is deeply appriciated :-) -Bast-